An Intel P The Intel MCS is a family of microcontrollers (MCU) commonly used in embedded systems. Unit 7: FEATURE OF / MICROCONTROLLER. Unit 8: INTRODUCTION TO 16/32 BIT PROCESSORS · Sitemap · Microcontrollers and Applications‎. microcontroller with a 16 bit CPU and atleast bytes of on-chip RAM. • Intel MSC . The includes separate, dedicated timers for serial port baud rate .

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The performs most of the calculations in RALU. The comes in a pin Ceramic DIP packageand the following part number variants.

The least significant byte is loaded to the register followed by the most significant. Individual interrupts can be enabled or disabled by setting or clearing the bits in the Interrupt mask register.

Intel MCS-96

If this bit is set to 1 all the interrupts are enabled and disabled when reset to zero. Liquid Crystal Display 806. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. When Timer 1 is over flown ,the interrupt bit is enabled or disabled Contd Upon the completion of each conversion the converter can generate a conversion complete interrupt. The difference between the two is, that in Mode 2 the serial port interrupt will not be activated unless the ninth data bit is a one; in Mode 3 the interrupt is microcontroler whenever a byte is received.


The INTEL microcontroller is provided with on chip self protection microcntrollerto protect the chip from large currents. Operating Modes of Howeverif the program does not progress properly by any reason such as Electrostatic Discharge ESD or due to any hardware related problems ,the overflow occurs.

CS1 Russian-language sources ru Wikipedia articles needing clarification from March Articles containing Russian-language text. The serial port is similar to that on the controller. The addressable memory space on the is 64 kBmost of which are available to the user for program or 809 memory.


This register can be read or modified as a byte register. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The has an internal 8-bit address bus and can access 2 8 addresses.

When Timer 1 is over flown ,the interrupt bit is enabled or disabled. Interfacing with The frequency is fixed at a period of 64 microseconds for a 12 MHz clock speed. This is a byte wide register which is loaded sequentially with two bytes, and internally stores the value as a microcobtroller. In addition to these functional units, there are some sections which support overall operation of the chip such as the clock generator and baud rate generator.

All registers are 16 bit or 17 bit wide. The weak internal pullup is designed to be overridden by the external device which drives the line. Parts in that family included thewhich incorporated a memory controller allowing it to address a megabyte of memory.


Hence this is called a register to register architecture. The Watchdog Timer is an internal timer which can be used to reset the system if the software fails to operate properly. TIMER 2 can be used as a bit 88096 counter which is clocked by a signal coming into the chip on either of the two pinsPort2. The HIS unit can store upto 8 entries Timer 1 values.

Microcontroller Architecture Block Diagram

Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. They also take up a fair amount of silicon area which can be better used for microckntroller features. It has one micocontroller and three asynchronous modes. Contd … When the hardware detects one of the 8 interruptsit sets the corresponding bit in the interrupt pending register.

The conversions are done using the successive approximation method, and require state times 42 microseconds with a 12 MHz clock. It consists of several functional units, namely. Pin Diagram of Microcontroller.

Memory Mapping PowerPoint Presentation: A separate incrementor is used for the Program Counter.