Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Habib al-Mawardi known in Latin as Alboacen ( CE), was an Islamic jurist of the Shafi’i school most remembered for his works on religion, government, the caliphate, and public and constitutional law during a time of political turmoil. the Mu’tazila school of thought, the great (orthodox) Shafi’i jurist al-Subki (d. Al-Mawardi’s main political thought is embodied in his. Al-Ahham al-Sultaniyah. Only a small portion of the work is however devoted to political theory, the rest of . Mawardi, Abu al-Hasan al-. (d. ). Shafii jurist who wrote the most significant classical theoretical explanation of public law in relation to political theory.

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He should help the sovereign in the state administration.

Nominated by the existing imam. But it is ambiguous as to how a tyrant or heretical Imam can be deposed. To produce ease in state administration, a government should have various diwans departments.

The political thought of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Mawardi

The sovereignty rests in the people. A good ruler is that who choice of the Majority is to opt for such a ruler. The consequences of the premature demise of the Republic of Madina were dire and far-reaching. Designation And Privileges E. His senses and organs are politica. To them it was crystal clear the source of all temporal authority were the people and the people alone. Powers and position of minister execution is not of prime; significance. In an Islamic state, the ministers must polifical Muslims.


Imam must be male Muslims. Even the language and arguments are almost the same as in al-Mawardi in most places. A closer examination of his work, however, discloses that he is not a mere recorder of facts handed down to him but a shrewd statesman and diplomat. He says that the Imam loses his title and authority on account of one of the poligical reasons:.


Sometimes subordinates are to use name of their senior and people are deceived. It despite peoples objections, he is to exercise the same practices. Whatever the form of the government may be, it must be upon the principle of popular representation, because based sovereignty belongs to the people. The dispensation of justice and disposal of all litigations in accordance with the Shari-ah. Life And Works B. It will secure his service this enabling him to decide without any fear or pressure.

He was not a visionary and idealist like the jurists or the scholastics, and like them did not sit to speculate a vacuum. When the Abbasids came to power they called themselves the sole defenders wl faith, and crushed every political dissentient in the name of religion, and polltical many innocent souls to the gallows to save Islam. The imam has the power to appoint an electoral college or to nominate heir imam. In the first case some scholars say the Imam must be elected by all thoight members of the Electoral College in all the cities.

Imam is the highest leader fully obeyed and supported by the people of his state. And not only traditions of the Prophet P. His well-known extant works are: He is to maintain subordinate staff to assist him.

Political science: Al-Mawardi

S could make his brother Haroon A. The maintenance of law and order in the country to make it possible for the thught to lead a peaceful life, proceed in their economic activities freely, and travel in the land without fear. Friday, August 20, Al Mawardi is a Muslim philosopher. If there is no state care, it may endanger honor of the state, imam and his government. Al-Mawardi may have been well-intentioned but the legacy he left completely changed the concept of Muslim polity in the centuries that followed.


The Qurayshite descent of the candidate of Imamate is very important. With the passage of time Itihad was also introduced.

Politlcal discards tyrannical attitude of the sovereign. Mawardi explained essential qualities of the ministers by mawari example of mamoon —ur —Rasheed who used to say that he is in need of ministers having the qualities: The Imam is bound to be the covenant of God to establish the supremacy of Islam over all other religions and faith. Views Read Edit View history. Knowledge of religion and of the interests and policy of the nation c.

Laws of Islamic state: A and Hazrat Ali R.

It was on account of this that the Umayyad and Thougyt race for supremacy of power started immediately after the device of the Prophet P. While both Basrah and Baghdad were centers of the Mu’tazila school of thought, the great orthodox Shafi’i jurist al-Subki d. Al-Mawardi is of the view that four departments are important: Imam is to provide guidance to the minister delegation.

But al-Mawardi is not alone in this respect, for this is the agreed opinion of Sunnite jurists and theologians. The people could accept his opinion as well as reject it. Wisdom The candidates of Imamate should also fulfill certain conditions: