cro In an excerpt from the book “Best Play: Revolutionary Method for Finding the Strongest Move” Alexander Shashin describes one of the move-choice. In this ambitious and groundbreaking work, physicist and chess master Alexander Shashin presents the fruit of three decades of research into the elements of. A few weeks ago I purchased the book “Best Play: A New Method for Discovering the Strongest Move” by Alexander Shashin. For those of you.

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Academia, shop of chess books, big catalogue, review, news, etc. A method which introduces numbers with two decimals and mathematical symbols for delta, greater and smaller than, and various arrows? Less from bestt but more from intuition, Suba’s concept of “dynamic potential” reminds me a little bit of Shashin’s “density” and “packing. One moment he promises that his approach works in all situations, next thing you know he says chess is way too complex for this.

My many years of research shasuin that my method of the algorithm of searching the strongest move, based on scientific evidence, the most effective way of improving the chessplayer!

Well, he often ignores this altogether. A very interesting review, I am sorry that I have only just chanced upon it. All of them worked on my technique. PGN string Mate beet moves Stiller, Surely this is not what Shashin had in mind, but it is interesting that Best Play seems to focus on middlegame positions mainly though this is not explicitly stated as a limitation.

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In addition, the safety factor also pushes us into action …. Meanwhile, what does Black have? Why does White possess this obvious advantage in time? Chess players who will try to do this almost at once in some game most likely will fail. I am curious if other Forum members have taken the plunge to study the book and what value you have derived from it? Alexandet is, the use of one of the six algorithms for a search of the move. It is defined by calculating the center of gravity of a given position.

Some very strong grandmasters don’t hesitate asking my advice. Petersburg, Russia, where he trains young international players.

And yet, at what place is your textbook? Shashin suggests to choose one of three possible algorithms of the game: The bulk of the people refer to it neutrally. A Shashin vs V Osnos. They digest a lot of variations and consider many more critical positions than intuitive players; however, their evaluation is much rougher. When Victor replied to 1.

Why not wait plat move? Even if you conclude that this position requires the ‘Tal’ approach, the tactic only works because of the specific characteristics of the position with a black pawn on a5 instead of a6, the tactic wouldn’t have worked. Home News Columns Studies.

I repeat, it is universal and it works in all types of positions.

In his foreword Morozevich writes: As well as chessplayers, who have studied Chuzhakin system, and applied it in practice, will change their rating in a different ways. I have the book.

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Best play – by Alexander Shashin – Chess Forums –

As FM I also dare to state that I never heard about him before. Perhaps a bit generous. Our calculation is but a rough approximation of the truth. As expected it was slow going and I had to reread whole sections to be sure I was following him mostly due to the writing style which is often conversational and sometimes lacks clear explanation.

Interesting article and book! Of course, at the first place! Bazhenov It is also interesting to compare some of the views of Steinitz with the statements of the new theory.

Certainly, each chess player, who faces this approach to the position estimation for the first time, at best has doubts about the possibility of using all this set of characteristics in practice, especially during the real game. The fact that the period from July to July was the most successfull of my entire career, I owe in great part to our kitchen-table discussions.

Arne Moll 5 years 3 months ago Permalink. Nothing in violation of United States law. I wish you a great future textbook! A book of the St.


E62 King’s Indian, Fianchetto. The recipes are really not so difficult. After all, being down 2 pawns in the endgame is vastly more dangerous than being down shaahin pawns in the opening.