ARSOF U.S. ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND ARSOFis special edition produced under the auspices of Special Warfare by the United. ARSOF <. ///FROM THE COMMANDER. The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is celebrating its 25th anniversary. An important milestone. 15 Aug ARSOF Next; A Return to First Principles brings the ARSOF vision full . ARSOF first articulated the USASOC vision for the future.

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Efforts over the past decade focused on building partner-nation capacity, advising partner forces and conducting some unilateral activities to safeguard U. Official distribution is limited to active and reserve special operations units. Typically long in duration, special warfare campaigns are conducted in a temporal context that arzof from many military activities and is most effectively conducted through a persistent forward presence. ARSOF have always functioned as a strategic bridging force, serving as connective tissue among indigenous forces and arosf and within our military and the interagency community.

Short-duration strikes and other small-scale offensive actions conducted as a special operation in hostile, denied or diplomatically sensitive environments and which employ specialized military capabilities to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover or damage designated targets.

USASOC will continue to modernize our infrastructure, including sustained investment in the institutional force to realize the SWCS Campus vision and provide world-class facilities for our operational units that fully support the mission requirements and capabilities of ARSOFwith a vision to build to the same standards as the new 7th Special Forces Group Airborne facilities in Florida.

This unique skill set is necessary to enhance survivability for our force over extended periods of time in hostile, austere and denied environments. The results will be standardized and made available through a supporting IT system and will directly lead to a DOTMLPF solution to eliminate the current vulnerabilities or best prepare the future force to meet the challenges of the operating environment.

Like Artillery in major combat operations, regionally expert forces should not be “left in reserve” in the conduct of special operations. The emergence of the Human Domain demands the armed forces and other U. History teaches us that the nations that grow comfortable with the old ways and complacent in the face of new threats, those nations do not long endure.

Therefore, it is important, and more accurate, to view FID, COIN and UW as a range of special warfare capabilities that are similar in that they cultivate relationships with partner forces and seek shared security interests.

Proliferation of smart phones, mobile devices ardof social media present unprecedented opportunities for both adversary and U. Special Warfare is that form of special operations in which the United States government defends its interests through training, material or even direct combat support to indigenous people and friendly governments whose interests coincide with those of the United States.

While the way we fight may change, our core tenets have not. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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Behavioral health is a necessary and integral aspect of overall Soldier fitness. The training day began with a four-hour block of classroom instruction where Jones discussed a wide variety of aspects that are all important for surviving an aircraft ditched over water.

As the Vietnam War wound down, international and American public opinion was outraged by widespread bombing campaigns that resulted in the loss of innocent lives.

We cannot win the current fight without preserving the force and its families. Central Command combat theaters.

These operations are conducted with pinpoint precision and minimal collateral damage. Throughout our nation’s history, Army special operations forces have conducted sensitive military-strike operations to achieve some of our most critical strategic objectives.

SOATB Implementing ARSOF Priorities – ShadowSpear Special Operations

It is imperative that we are prepared to meet these challenges head on, and the way we do that will be through preparation. Capabilities Development Capabilities develop- ment must anticipate the operational needs of com- manders and incorporate the adaptability inherent ardof commercial off-the-shelf technology to support the near future.

Our battlespace will contain agile state actors and non-state actors operating across borders of sovereign nations and outside of declared combat zones. ARSOF tactical elements will have an unprecedented level of organic and tactical exploitation of national capability, regardless of the austerity or sensitivity of their environments. Enemies will seek to exploit their asymmetric advantages wherever possible; USASOC’s training; education, capabilities and concept development must reflect this reality.

This legacy continues today with the relentless pursuit of our nation’s enemies across the globe. InARSOF provide joint-force commanders scalable nodes, with unmatched levels of tactical skill and language and cultural expertise, which establish persistent and distributed networks that provide the nation precise and nuanced asymmetric capability. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School: Ensure these high-demand, low-density aircraft meet SOF requirements through the s.

Understanding the differences will illuminate how special warfare and surgical strike can best be utilized to achieve strategic effects in support of regional or national objectives.

ARSOF will possess a wide array of scalable and deployable C2 nodes, capable of projecting SOF mission command in the most austere and politically sensitive environments, with the requisite level of expertise, experience and architecture to plan, integrate and synchronize SOF operations and SOF campaigns at any echelon of joint command, in an interagency country-team environment or with partnered indigenous forces of any size, including SOF operational headquarters above the TSOC level that are designed to conduct SOF-centric campaigns.

Countries where state-sponsored, non- state and transnational actors operate typically have weak and corrupt central governments, high unemployment, exorbitant poverty levels, limited internal infrastructure, deep ethnic and religious divisions and a history of humanitarian issues. As long as belligerent nations and non-state actors continue to employ nonconventional means against the United States and its allies, and terrorist networks continue their efforts to strike at our homeland and interests abroad, ARSOF will remain an indispensable partner to the joint and interagency team.

Once I saw the instructors were right there the whole time, and able to recognize if someone was struggling, I quickly relaxed and was able to accomplish what we were all taught to do earlier in the day. The wide array of knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for success in the future operating environment requires USASOC to expand the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the force.


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Skilled SOF operational planners and leaders routinely mesh special warfare and surgical strike capabilities to conduct SOF campaigns in support of joint and interagency efforts. ARSOF will possess a wide range of mobility platforms that are able to penetrate denied areas clandestinely by air, sea or land, including the use of stealth technologies.

Public Domain Retrieved From: The establishment of a 7th Warfighting Function addresses the related tasks and systems that influence the behaviors of a people friendly, neutral, adversarysecurity forces and governments and enables the prioritization and synchronization of efforts to achieve strategic effects.

To ensure that our operators will succeed in the future operating environment, we will recruit, assess, select, train, educate and retain only those Soldiers with the knowledge, skills and attributes to thrive in the most demanding conditions. Future operations and SOF campaigns will require persistence, distributed command and control, low-visibility operations and small-scale, non- standard logistics support.

The engineers participating in the training understood its importance and were grateful to be the first conventional force Soldiers to receive it. The future operating environment requires non-overt, clandestine, scalable Soldier systems. Jones discussed proper bracing techniques, dive physiology and the important first steps a Soldier must take once violent action of the aircraft ceases.

In the coming decade, ARSOF will be called upon to provide balanced and fully integrated special operations capabilities to the nation. A similar appreciation for influencing populations now suggests the need for establishment of a Human Domain. As the nature and extent of our engagements in the Middle East change, it is critical to review the lessons learned over the past decade, assess our current situation and explore requirements for the future force.

Our Soldiers are capable of succeeding in the increasing uncertainty of the 21st century battlefield. We must overcome the full spectrum of threats – the conventional and the unconven- tional; the nation state and the terrorist net- work; the spread of deadly tech- nologies and the spread of hateful ideologies; 18th century-style piracy and Zlst century cyber threats?

As the war in Afghanistan transitions to an Afghan-led effort, a large segment of our force will be remissioned to other strategic and theater problem sets. As with conventional warfare, the Army has developed special warfare maneuver units, whose mission includes closing with and destroying the enemy.

To ensure that we can find, fix and finish tomorrow’s enemy, the U.