The famous Pythagorean Theorem was not really discovered by Greek Mathematician Pythagoras but Indian Mathematician Baudhayana, Mathematician. Indian mathematician, also a priest, believed to have flourished c. BCE. Believed to have been a skilled craftsman, thus to. The mathematics given in the Sulbasutra-s enables It is clear from the writing that Baudhayana.

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An Untold Story: Baudhayana – Indian who invented Pythagoras theorem before the Greeks

If restricted to right-angled isosceles triangles, however, it would constitute a less general claim, but the text seems to be quite open to unequal sides.

There are many more notable achievements, I want to say that our ancient sanskrit texts contain lot of knowledge which is not available to everyone as few people today know sanskrit. Walter Eugene Clark David Pingree. Get daily updates via Email Enter your email address: Log in Request account. The provlem is our own. The statement itself is in the form of an empirical proof.

It is also referred to as Baudhayana theorem.

We have been grown bbaudhayana without knowing our prosperity, which is a must. They have mastered both the science and baudnayana of life as well. Dear DMT, Again sumerian civilization being older than indian civilization not indus valley civilization is a myth, sumerian word itself is derived from sanskrit word su-meru, where meru is the very vividly described meru parvat or the kails mountain.

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So where exactly is the proof? These theroms are derived from those texts. One can refer to the man but not continue the same misnomer. Being an Indian I would rather like to believe Bodhayana Maharishi to be more correct.

This page is intended to spotlight the facts about India, that have been erased from history. It was ancient Indians mathematicians who discovered Pythagoras theorem. It also refers to social classes, the role of the king, marriage, and suspension of Vedic recitation. Ashish September 25, Ancient Indian mathematicians Pi Indian mathematics.

I am really sorry for my comment is not scientific according to the west. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Baudhayana Originally Discovered Pythagorean Theorem

Blog Statshits. The case of Baudhayana is one of the many examples where Greeks and other western civilizations took credit of the discoveries originally made by ancient Indians. Please if possible mathsmatician to our Bangalore center and visit and learn about more on this. But all your encouragements will surely bring me back here and make this blog alive. It was the oldest civilization appeared before Indian.


Yes, but still there should have been sources remaining which is why we know that these are there. Outsiders will definitely going to exploit the holes in our system. It is also referred to as Baudhayana theorem.

An Untold Story: Baudhayana – Indian who invented Pythagoras theorem before the Greeks

The value of pi was first calculated by him. India has been rich in culture, religion, tradition, science, literature and prosperity since ever it was found bajdhayana be existed and before as well. J October 26, This is an aspect of Vaastu Shastras and Shilpa Shastras. Baudhayana gives the length of the diagonal of a square in terms of its sides, which is equivalent to a formula for the square root of 2.