Bitten to Death (Jaz Parks, book 4) by Jennifer Rardin – book cover, description, publication history. 8 books in this series. Once Bitten, Twice Shy. from: $ #1. Another One Bites the Dust. from: $ #2. Biting the Bullet. from: $ #3. Bitten to Death. Jennifer Rardin is the author of Bitten to Death and three previous Shy; Another One Bites the Dust; Biting the Bullet and Bitten to Death.

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Their complex working relationship, forthright attitude and the romantic tension between the two have kept readers enthralled for six full-length novels.

See what happens when you grow up around farmers? It was pretty much on par with the third book of the series as rsrdin as quality goes.

Bergman was mostly absent in this novel, and I missed his new gadgets he comes up with. This is a Series Review: Poor Jaz can’t seem to get through to Cole.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The ending of this book left the next book open to some new plot lines and new ideas; hopefully it will follow through. Jaz and Jenniver relationship seems to be treading water and Jaz finds herself helping Vayl when he loses his mind.

Jennifer Rardin, who has died unexpectedly at the age of 45, was the author of bltten popular Jaz Parks series of urban fantasies featuring vampires, martial arts and paranormal terrorists.

Jennifer Rardin obituary | Books | The Guardian

I secretly enjoy this series. It’s a urban-fantasy book, so don’t search for long and hot scenes as a paranormal romance has! In addition, the battle with The Raptor continues in Patras, Greece, where a new player arrives as the team meets a woman with ties to Vayl’s past. I always get those mixed up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My least favourite character is always the bad guy, in this case it was Edward ‘The Raptor’ Samos.


While I can generally figure out the meanings based on the context I wish there was a glossary or something so I could refresh my memory when I need it.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as previous ones in the series, but I find that if it has Jaz Parks in it, I can’t not enjoy it to some degree.

May 04, Joyce rated it liked it.

Bitten to Death

Throughout the entire novel their conversations were cut short and sexually charged moments were always interrupted. The Raptor is trying to take over Vayl’s former Trust. Refresh and try tk.

And, can they finally take down The Raptor? Rardin’s world of CIA assassins and vampire bonds has potential, which I suppose is why I keep reading. Jaz can’t shoot her way out of this–even Kennifer prototypes prove almost as dangerous as his stable designs, providing both comic relief and plot advancement–and we get back to the revenant storyline that started the series.

Stephen King would be proud. After losing her team, along with her fiance, on the mission that changed her life almost a year and a half ago, Jaz shut down when it came to forming true relationships with people.

Jennifer Rardin

Only two vamps have ever escaped the tightly bound communities and li Plot Summary: I love Jasmine and Vayl working and flirting together. View all 8 comments. Taking the idea of allowing a vampire to do what he does best — killing people — she began writing the story of Vayl, a Romanian-born vampire now working as an assassin for the CIA.

As frustrating as the slow progression has been, I prefer it this way as long as that means that they will have a strong foundation and not crumble at the first obstacle, so that in the end everything will have been worth the wait. Our heroine is Jaz Parks.


Vayl is a year old vampire who is aesthetic perfection, but is just as emotionally disturbed as Jasmine. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 9 Februaryat This installment is my favorite so far.

Jennifsr the whole being trapped in a closet with a crying vampire.

These are not bad things about the books, they are jennifee that make them unique and quirky. It’s hard writing and it comes off great. Samos is just one of the villains in Bitten to Death and the other one is just eww…really it grossed me out.

The last thing Jaz wants is to end up on the dead feath of the balance sheet Rardin had completed three unpublished fantasy novels before she decided to write about vampires in the real world. At this point the sexual tension between Jaz and Vayl is absolutely killing me but I love every second of it!

I can’t wait to read the next one. It is obvious that she will never choose him, and I think he knows that. Will they finally eliminate Edward Samos? Vayl is a fascinating character and I love learning more and more about him in each novel; throughout this novel there was a big emphasis on Vayl starting to put the death of his sons behind him, finally allowing him to move into a relationship with Jaz.