Posts about JAIS wedding process written by atiqahmokhtar. fill in the forms ( form 2A for the groom-to-be and forms 2C & 2D for the bride-to-be. . It’s under the Pas section and called Borang Pengesahan Pas Bagi Tujuan. Pemohon hendaklah mengisi borang permohonan secara online dengan menggunakan akses Permohonan Nikah Dalam Bahagian dan Luar Sarawak. Dapatkan Borang 2A Dengan Mengisi Permohonan Secara Online Di Laman Web 3. Lengkapkan Borang Dan Lampirkan Dokumen.

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Based on our experience, we were required to jaia our attendance for every session to be able to qualify to receive the kursus kahwin certificate.

Wedding prep: The documents – Stripped

The nikah pelamin March 26, By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Brings you peace of mind. The chicken left all of its chicks alone, just to become your food. Get the stamped document endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kacang je kalau dah tahu, tapi berasap-asap kepala kalau tak clear dengan prosedur nikah dekat Malaysia ni. Bayar wang pemprosesan RM10 and Tuan Kadi akan sign and ada 1 surat akan diprint and attach sekali dengan borang lelaki yang menunjukkan Lelaki tu dibenarkan bernikah.


There will be a SGD10 processing fee, and you should be able to get the document which has been legalised i. When she decided to get married, she was told by her dentist that she could get the braces removed for a while, so that she would be able to smile and show her teeth off on her big day.

Recalibrate The perpetual journey of figuring shit out. Faizal and I did our tests about four months before our wedding. Although the remark was not entirely true, it made me more aware of my state — pale-faced, almost lifeless if not for mascara, made worse by unwashed hair.

e-Munakahat Portal

He had to pay a fee around SGD35 if I recall correctly? Pada 27 dan 28 Oktober yang lalu, Kurs Thoughts The thing about being contented.

Now there are a few key things you have to be aware of: The groom will then pass this surat kebenaran kahwin to his bride bride-to-be. The end product of all this is to get the form that has been signed by the relevant immigration officer.

This turned out be the most onerous and frustrating part of the whole process. Tapi macam me and En. Getting the approval for marriage is a hassle, a lot of people tell me.

Kursus kahwin

I knew a person who wore braces. Once we submitted our documents and got it all processed, we had to wait another hour and a half or so before the signed document was returned back to us.


Make a call to the bornag mosque to find out and set jaiz appointment with the PPN. You can look up details of how to go about doing this here. Ulang step 4 dan 5 tapi minta sign dekat Penolong Jurunikah kawasan perempuan tu nak bernikah.

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The course was held on a weekend, a day and a half long with lunch, provided — all for RM Borang 2D has more questions about the wali. I would advise to call them up first to ask them what their policies for HIV testing are — some clinics have specific days kais hours for testing for example, one of the clinics I called in Shah Alam only does HIV testing in the afternoonwhile others supposedly require appointments.

I had written this a while back after I got married. All I have to do to get coffeehouse-grade coffee is to insert the capsules of the flavors that I want inside the machine e.

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