Find official Brother FAXE FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. Get the IntelliFaxe Printers, AIOs, & Fax Machines; Fax Machines. on your fax machine or see your Owner’s Manual. If you cannot solve a problem: See to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on. Brother World Wide Web;. Manuals and User Guides for Brother Faxe. We have 3 Brother Faxe manuals available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual, User Manual, Quick .

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Just hold the handset and wait a few seconds. Replacing the Drum UnitThe machine uses a drum unit to create print images on paper.

Brother Faxe Manuals

To help you understand the menu selections and options thatare found in the machine programs, use the Menu Selection Table below. Pressdown on the paper to flatten itin all four corners, keeping thepaper level below the guide. Setting Up Sequential Polling ReceiveYour machine can request documents from several fax units in tax singleoperation. Page I Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Manua ModeSetting the Sleep Mode reduces power consumption while the machine is idle.

Five reports are available: Special Line Considerations Do not place this product wherepeople can walk on the cord. Useto back up and then type over the incorrectcharacters.


Connect one end of the telephone line cord to the jack labeled LINE on the leftside of the machine. The manual feed slot is above the paper cassette. Fax Tones And Handshake If it is empty, load a new stackof paper into the feeder.

Available only for FAXe.


Press Menu, and 3. Don’t have an account? Calls must be made from within that country.

See Replacing the Toner Cartridge,Page When you add the optional memory board, it increases the performance for bothfax and printer operations. Themachine will not send faxes or print received faxes without the password.

Converting Telephone Wall Outlets NoteTo gain extra memory, you can turn off Fax Storage see page THIN 16lb – Setting Cassette Usage BackupBattery3 Remove the screws securing the access plate and remove the plate. You can choose how long the machine is idle from 00 to 99 minutes before itdrops into sleep mode.

User’s Guide

Do not include the area code if it isthe same as that of your machine. Viewing Caller ID ListCaller ID memory stores information for up to thirty calls; when the thirty-firstcall comes in, information about the first call is erased.

Page 5 To install the memory board onto the main controller board, plug the attachedspacer into the connectors of the main controller board. Page 63 Setting Up Sequential Polling ReceiveYour machine can request documents from several fax units in a singleoperation.


Instead, pull the edge of the jammed paper from the paper cassette. LANYou can scroll more quickly by pressingsee all options, in the opposite order. Cleaning The Printer Press High or Low to adjust the volume level.

The LCD showsthe setting you are choosing. Paper Capacity Of Paper Cassette Changing Remote Retrieval Access Code Basic Sending Brotheer your document is very light or very dark, you might want to set the contrast. If you answered at the machine, press Fax Startand hang up immediately. Try rocking them from sideto side. Page 51 Entering TextWhen you are setting certain functions, such as the Station ID, you may need totype text into the machine.

Manuals | FAX/FAXe | Others | Brother

Useto scroll backward andBefore you press Set after entering information in a field using the dial pad, youcan correct a mistake. Menu Selection Table Cassette 2 holds up to sheets of 20 lb. Troubleshooting And Routine Maintenance Special Layout Options BroadcastingBroadcasting is automatically sending the same fax message to multiple faxnumbers.

Setting The Beeper Volume So, never touch the shaded parts shown in the illustration. Setting Up Polling Receive This equipment is hearing-aid compatible.