Catalogo-MHPistoes-miolo-BR-pgA_Layout 1 . de biela Metal LeveBronzinaM = Bronzina central flangeada MAHLE. 30 out. Pistes, Camisas, Kits e Bronzinas;n Catlogo de Jogos de Anis; n Catlogo de Filtros;n Catalogo-ValvulasMAHLE-Miolo-pg A_Layout 1 As vlvulas MAHLE Original e Metal Leve sofornecidas em. A MAHLE Metal Leve S.A. reserva-se o direito de alterar as Pgina 38 Bronzina central, bronzina de biela, arruela de encosto, bucha de biela.

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They are preferred for installation in gasoline and diesel engines for cars that are subject to heavy loads. Valve Cover Set ont. Pistes forjados de saia slida apresentam resistncia superior, devido ao seuprocesso de fabricao. Thecam must be degreed exactly as it will be during operation.

A maioria dos componentes de motores oferecida nesta lista de aplicao de veculos antigos foi desenvolvida em conjunto com nossos parceiros da indstria automotiva. Com odimetro do pisto indicado, soma-se a respectivafolga e indicar o dimetro do cilindro.


Oil Pan Gaset ont. Vlvulas bimetlicasTornam possvel o uso da combinao ideal de materiaistanto na haste como na cabea. Pgina About this catalogue. Timing Cover Seal cont.


Respondent Mahle GmbH is a corporation organized, existing and doing businessunder and by virtue of the laws of Germany, with its office and principal place of business locatedat PragstrasseD Stuttgart, Germany. There aresignificant imports of large bore two-piece pistons into the United States from Europe. The Acquisition will substantially lessen competition or tend to create a monopoly inthe United States large bore two-piece piston market, because, among other things: Research, development, design, production and sale of articulated pistons constituteone relevant line of commerce within which to analyze the effect of the Acquisition oncompetition.


Several factors limit thecompetitive significance of foreign-made articulated pistons in the United States. These products are intended solely for automotive applications. Portanto, estas bronzi-nas so particularmente adequadas para motoresturbo com intercooler. At all times relevant herein, Metal Leve, S.

These components are exempt from certification. Caractersticas indicadas na coluna de medidas: In ,pistons made of heavy gray cast iron were used in the internal combustion engines of automobiles, but the Mahlebrothers in Germany began working to develop light alloypistons in their small, newly-founded company. Nuestro trabajo es el motor de combustin y suentorno inmediato.

Because of their innovative approach to pistons, theselighter weight pistons were sought out by racers of that era. Valve Stem Oil Seal,Exhaust cont.

Pgina Lista de converso. PIHow to use this catalog For small pistons, often only the group and the rated diameter are given in the markings.

Mahle clevite catalogo /

Todos os anis de ferro fun-dido so torneados em mquinas especiais,capazes de dar pea um formato preciso,alm de uma correta distribuio das presses. A MAHLE conta com mais de 47 mil empregados,que produzem sistemas de pisto, componentesde cilindro, trens de vlvula e sistemas de geren-Estes clientes de equipamento original con-fiam na MAHLE em todo o mundo: Bowl Aluminum Hea ye: Page Catalogue applicationsPage structure and part code decoding.

Informaes tcnicas MAHLE 81Recomendaes de montagemAs vlvulas so componentes de motores sujeitoss maiores tenses trmicas e mecnicas. Such parts are intended only for use on off-road vehicles competing in competitive events or on other types of vehicles which are exempt from the applicable emission control laws. Enine it Gaset Set cont. Pgina Lista de asientos de vlvulas por orden alfabtico segn fabricante de motor o vehculo. Use the manufacturers index in the front of this catalog to locate the vehicle manufacturer desired.


Bronzinas sputter so aindausadas em diversos motores a diesel para autom-veis e veculos comerciais. Cada vez que so retiradosdesnecessariamente e recolocados com alongamento excessivo, so causadas defor-maes permanentes e a performance opera-cional fica prejudicada. CC Comustion Chamer Volume. Furos descentrados ou danificados podem serretrabalhados para a colocao de uma camisacom sobremedida.

As informaes e instrues de instalao dofabricante do motor devem ser observadas emtodos os casos. Informaes tcnicasFunon Impedir que a cabea da vlvula e o alojamentose fundam. In order to reduce the high temperatures which ,etal casued by the increased performance in the piston crown and in the ring area, intensive cooling is done by circulating oil in the colling gallery.

A superfcie da camisa de cilindro deve ajustar-se com a superfcie leev cilindro do bloco; senecessrio, as superfcies do bloco e da camisadevem receber um acabamento de fresamento.

Isto torna possvel pro-jetar paredes de espessura mais fina, resultan-do em peso menor do pisto. Ring carrier pistons with cooling galleryare used in situations in which particularly high operating temperatures occur. Ligas de alumnio so normalmenteusadas como metal para bronzinas.

Valve recess depthTypes of semi-finished pistonF Pgina Tabla de conversin. Master Rebuild it ont. Specific characteristics are highlighted with num-bers 1 to 8. In order to make it possible to increase the loads to which the pin boss can be subjected, this piston has pin boss bushes that are made of a special material.

Piston Ring Set ont. Replace in Fllsets onlyHypereutectic As vezes, os proprietrios de veculos mais antigos??