13 May How to draw mould design in catia v5. siva. 13 May, AM. If any video. Answer. Comments 0. 1 Answer. Vipin kumar. Answered on. Mold Tooling Design Student Notes: CATIA V5 Training Foils Mold Tooling Design Select the item dedicated to Mold Tooling Design in Mechanical Design. Overview What’s New? Getting Started. Entering the Mold Design Workbench Retrieving Part Defining the Mold Base Splitting the Core and the Cavity Inserting .

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It is now displayed in orange. Support Catalog access for standard parts or assemblies: This is the part to be molded:. We advise that the split surface for the CavityPlate should be named Desgn, and that for the. They can also search those configurations and retrieve the appropriate ones thanks to a set of main parameters like Nomenclature, Mold Length and Width, Overhang value, etc.

Split of Core, Cavity plate, and insert ddesign contextual menu: Here is the final result:. Dynamic users interface including fast mouse-based 3D graphical manipulations and a copilot concept allowing the contextual pre-selection by means of highlight of cxtia graphical entities.

The mold designer can predefine the mold position by several ways. They are defined in dedicated Part Core Cooling and Cavity Cooling enabling Collision check analysis with the other component of the Mold.

User components are managed with their associated holes as for the standard ones. Simultaneously, the outline of a mold base is displayed on the part. Open the contextual menu with the right mouse button and select the CavityPlate.

Standard Mold Base read from catalog: A small blue square is displayed that you can move around in the plane until you find a point that is satisfactory. Click on OK to validate your choice then repeat this step for the Core. Full support of Windows user interface standards such as pull down menus, messaging, on-line help, select-action approach, multi-windowing, icon docking reorganization.


Here is the final result: In the latter case an assembly update is required to place the parts back in their correct position. To perform the scenarios, sample documents are provided all along this documentation.

Double click on MoldedPart in the specification tree.

All type of 3D point 3D point, vertices, projection,? The gate definition dialog box is displayed.

Double-click on the reference to open the leader pin definition dialog box; As know-how molc are applied, a filter proposes only leader pins with a consistent diameter value. Click on the catalog icon to open the catalog browser and double-click on Side type, then choose the Round type. Catalog components managed with their associated Hole: Locate the ejector pin on the grid and define the plates to drill in the dialog box from EjectorPlateA to Core Plate. Users can include, in the plate definition, some points that will be used later for datia positioning of standard components as Leader Pin, Bushing, Sleeve, StopPin, Screw and Locating Ring.

In this exercise you will insert 4 leader pins that will molc positioned on already existing points. Scroll down to line 37 and double click on the reference N in the table push the Table button to display the table.

Mold Tooling Design CATIA V5 | Gonzalo Anzaldo Muñoz –

Click on Display direction to show the direction in which the split will occur and then click on one of the orange direction arrow on the mold to make sure the split will be upwards. The design table of a plate is used to define the dimensions of the plate. CATPart file from the samples Split directory. The mold base is created.


A contextual menu is available to edit the coolant channel definition within the Mold Tooling Design Workbench. Contextual HTML documentation browser. Split of Mold component with contextual menu: Mold designers can generate dedicated and customizable Bills of Materials BOM’s including specific attribute of the mold Material, Heat Treatment and automatic Nomenclature from the configuration of the component.

Click on Display direction to show the direction in which the split will occur and then click on one of the orange direction arrow on the mold to make sure the split will be downwards. The outline of the mold base is displayed with a different color for desugn plate.

The designer can read from catalogs standard components deskgn with their associated Hole. Thousands of configurations are available, in the standard catalogs, identified by some main parameters Nomenclature, L, D,? Select CoreSide in the PartingBody in the specifications tree.

Non Standard Mold base for cold and hot injection: In this exercise you will create and position an ejector pin onto the current mold base.

Click on the Table button. Double-click on Dme to catka the supplier. Preview and direct mouse-based manipulations and specification during feature creation, modification and drag and drop.

How to draw mould design in catia v5

Create a point on the CoolingPlane. Click the Add Gate icon. The main tasks proposed in this section are:. When the main panel is redisplayed, click the design table icon for the Cavity. This task shows dezign how to enter the Mold Tooling Design workbench.