31 Dec The Caverns of Thracia by Paul Jaquays is a good example of why Judges Guild is remembered so fondly by so many of us who started. Caverns of Thracia (Dungeons & Dragons) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Classic D&D adventure, one of the best released by Judges. A Classic Reimagined Necromancer Games and Judges Guild have teamed up to expand and update the classic module Caverns of Thracia for 3rd Edition.

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Sunday, February 22,3: This is a “living” environment that puts paid to the notion that old school dungeons are static places with monsters statically side by side without any interactions between them.

Why do player mapping at all? The effort given on the history side, for example, could well have been glossed over.

The Caverns of Thracia – Wikipedia

Is anyone else out there familiar with both? The Castle that Fell from the Sky. Ian December 31, at 2: In addition, there are multiple connections — shafts, chutes, stairs, and other more exotic means — that contribute to the maze-like feel of the entire place.


It’s the problem of making a copy of a copy.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: The Caverns of Thracia

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Michael von Sacher-Masoch rated it really liked it May 01, Also, their file size tends to be smaller than scanned image books. The Second Party Part 5: If you start tweaking it, then you have to start tweaking a lot of other things. Jorgen grabbed his foot pole and jammed it through the handles of the doors, barring them shut… And just in time, too, as someone tried to open them from within.

These cavens have several advantages: Cavernd, April 06,6: I have to, once again, beat down the cavenrs of trying to rewrite, codify, and re-organize the rules into something more useful. Another problem is that monsters which could be surprises aren’t. Sunday, February 22,9: It is appropriate for use by first level characters to start, though there are elements later on which can easily challenge some strong parties.

Guest Review: Caverns of Thracia

The Twin Travails of Thalmain Part 8: Anonymous December 31, at 5: Fantasy role-playing game adventures Judges Guild publications. From what I understand, the Necromancer Games 3. Within this community, creating a dungeon that matches the amount of flexibility presented to the players in terms of available exploration paths and interactive factions has become known as Jaquaying a dungeon a term coined by Justin Alexander of The Alexandrian blog.


Regarding sleep, Alt Text graded it here along with other first level spells.

My group had a blast with Dark Tower and this seemed like it could have been a nice follow-up. Caverrns still, they wait, undisturbed. Average Rating 6 ratings. Overall, I found it to be an impressive accessory. Most of what I saw and bought were the modules and accessories from TSR itself.

I’d be very curious to see this thesis tested. This supplement represents a series of rooms and caverns which have had many previous owners. Thursday, April 02,5: Delta January 1, at But Thalmain and Trust kept them harried with missile fire while the rest of the party rushed across the bridge and engaged them.