COBIT self-assessment guide using COBIT / Subjects: COBIT (Information technology management standard) · Information technology > Evaluation. The COBIT PAM adapts the existing COBIT content into an ISO An alignment of COBIT’s maturity model scale with the international standard Assessor qualifications and experiential requirements .. (COSO Guidance ). ISACA has designed and created COBIT® Self-assessment Guide: Using COBIT ® 5 (the ‘Work’) primarily as an assessor . The Measurement Framework.

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Evidence of process capability may be more abstract than evidence of process performance.

Initiation Identify the sponsor and define the purpose of the assessment: Are resources and information necessary for performing the process identified, made available, allocated and used? To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

In this case, the assessor would be trying to determine the extent to which the elements of PA2. Have requirements for documentation and control of the work products been defined?

ISACA publishes COBIT process assessment model – Infosecurity Magazine

Assessment outputs desired by the sponsor in addition to those required as part of the assessment record are identified and described. Ensure that the data collected is correct and objective and that the validated data provides complete coverage of the assessment scope.

Assemble the Assessment Record. Define the planned outputs of the assessment.

ISACA’s COBIT® Assessment Programme

Observed areas of strength and weakness Findings of high risk, i. DS1-BP8 Create a service improvement plan. Ensure that the staff members understand what is being undertaken and their role in the process.

Are responsibilities and authorities for performing the process defined, assigned and communicated? We think you have liked this presentation. Seeking information from firsthand, independent sources Using past assessment results Holding feedback sessions to validate the information collected Some data cogit may occur as the data is being collected Assemble and consolidate the data.


PAM, assessment scope, scheduling, aszessor, roles and responsibilities, resource requirements, etc.

Detail how the assessment will meet all the requirements in the standard. Julia Richards and R. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Verify conformance to requirements. This figure is reproduced from ISO: Input Process Output Brief the assdssor unit on the performance of the assessment: Objectives for the performance of the process are identified. Determine the assessment guidw. REVEAL Process results or performance Management of work products of the process Management of the process performance Definition of the process Deployment of the process Measurement and control of the process Innovation and optimisation of the process Lets take a look at a couple of these in a little more detail so you can get a sense for what they mean.

Registration Forgot your password? The process performance is planned and monitored. Define assessor the assessment data will be collected, recorded, stored, analysed and presented with reference to the assessment tool.

ISACA publishes COBIT process assessment model

Collect evidence of process performance for each process within the scope. Interfaces between the involved parties are managed to ensure effective communication and clear assignment of responsibility. Briefing The assessment team leader ensures that the assessment team aesessor the assessment: Performance of the process is planned and monitored.

Production of an object A significant change of state; Meeting of specified constraints, e. Focus the presentation on defining the capability of the processes assessed.

My interpretation would ccobit that: Requirements for the work products have been defined. Knowledge, skills and experience: Provide the basis for repeatability across assessments A rating is assigned based on objective, validated evidence for each process attribute Traceability needs to be maintained between an attribute rating and the asseessor evidence used in determining that rating As implied by their name, indicators do not represent requirements of a process.


Planning the Assessment An assessment plan describing all activities performed in conducting the assessment is: Our website uses cookies Cookies enable us to provide the best experience possible and help us understand how visitors use our website.

Ensure that for each process assessed, sufficient evidence exists to meet the assessment purpose and scope. Are interfaces between the involved parties managed to ensure effective communication and clear assignment of responsibility? Work products are appropriately identified, documented and controlled. Are work products reviewed in accordance with planned arrangements and adjusted as necessary to meet requirements? Are work products appropriately identified, documented and controlled?

Potential participants and anyone who will see the presentation of the final results should be present at the briefing session. The report also covers any key issues raised during the assessment such as observed areas of strength and weakness and findings of high risk.

What is the consequence of NOT being able to achieve the capability level denoted in the first column. First released back inthe framework is essentially a supporting tool set that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks. The rating is based on data validated in the previous activity.

Holdings: COBIT self-assessment guide

Responsibilities and authorities are defined, assigned and communicated. Determine the necessary resources and schedule for the assessment. Lead into the next slide with differences and say: