Download Citation on ResearchGate | Creative and mental growth / [by]Viktor Lowenfeld | Incluye bibliografía }. Creative and Mental Growth has 46 ratings and 1 review. Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creat. Lowenfeld’s Creative and Mental Growth was published and became the single most influential textbook in art.

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In fact, one study indicates that the rating of reading readiness by the use of drawings is a better predictor of reading achievement than is the teacher. When the individual feels unable to perform a task, he becomes conscious of his own insufficiencies and develops lack of confidence, or even feelings of inferiority.

Viktor Lowenfeld

The growing number of emotional and mental illnesses in this nation, the largest in any nation, as well as our inability to accept human beings first of all as human beings regardless of nationality, religion, race, creed, or color, is a frightening sign and vividly points out that education so far has failed in one of its most significant aims.

No procedure or material should be replaceable by another one. From Wikipedia, the free lowfnfeld. For both types of experiences, however, it is important that as great a variety of sensations, perceptions, and other experiences are activated as is possible.

Creative and mental growth Viktor LowenfeldW. Since these experiences change with the growth of the individual, self-identification is a dynamic science. Design, the power to express an experience crative a medium, has not become meaningful, nor has the subject matter succeeded in becoming a part of the individual’s experience.

You know that soon you will have to go to bed, too. That the child can repeat this performance is of great significance to him, because it gives him self-assurance and self-confidence that he can master a situation.

Creative and Mental Growth

creatjve To extend the frame of reference, we always have to start on the level of the individual — to extend the child’s thinking, feeling and perceiving on his level and at the stage of his development. Creative and intellectual growth are the basis of any educational system, and it is the hope that this book can contribute to an understanding of the importance of this area so as to make the education of children a joyful and meaningful experience. More children color beyond the given boundaries of objects in coloring books than of objects they draw themselves.


They have introduced a false set of values, which neglect the innermost needs of an individual.

Her mind does not adjust as easily to her environment, and therefore she has established a certain sameness of reactions. It is clear that this is not a discussion of styles or even aesthetic attitudes, since both are only expressions of the time and its spirit. It is with a great deal of humility that I have undertaken to fulfill his hopes for the latest edition of this classic book. Individual as well as classroom motivation must be presented in such a way that each child can identify with the given situation.

The subject matter necessarily deals with con- tents.

Creative and Mental Growth by Viktor Lowenfeld

loowenfeld Four types of experiences seem to be outstanding: Education must awaken before it is too late. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I wish to express my deepest appreciation to Mrs. From inside the book. Creative and mental growth Hardcover.

While in Vienna, he also served as the director of art in the Blind Institute. This structuring of his world is an important assumption for the development of abstract thinking. For instance, if we xreative color-blind, we would have to depend on the location of the lights and would very soon have to become aware of the red light on the top.

If he discovers that the physical needs are of a purely kinesthetic origin, he will no longer motivate the child with visual imagery. There are cases where parents do everything for their chil- dren — children who simply stretch out their leg and their shoe is laced, then turn around and their hair is combed — almost automatically, as on the assembly line.


One person found this helpful. In this way he will gain the creative freedom that is necessary for his emotional growth and that encourages the type of independent thinking that is a part of his intellectual advancement.

One of the basic ingredients of a creative art experience viktog the relation- ship between the artist and his environment. He started to play violin at the age of nine or ten. For these children the final llowenfeld apparently is of greater significance than the working process.

Sometimes, then, a big motion on a big sheet of paper means almost the same as traveling or running creatjve the paper to the child. Mattil, at the time of Dr. The child’s physical needs of motor activity therefore must be recognized in order to be prop- erly motivated. The one child may express himself by means of outlines; the other may require filled-in spaces to satisfy his needs. Want to Read saving….

A Framework for Using Art in Therapy. Since the imitative child can- not give xreative to his own thoughts and emotions, his dependency leads directly to feelings of frustration.

What is most disturbing is that the skill in repeating bits of information may have very little rela- tionship to the “contributing, well-adjusted member of society” we thought we were producing. He may still be a member of a gang. The ability to question, to seek answers, to find form and order, to rethink and restructure menntal find new relationships, are qualities that are generally not taught; and in fact these seem to be frowned upon in our present educational system.