The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic is a book published in by behavioral economist Dan Ariely. This is Ariely’s second. Dan Ariely is a genius at understanding human behavior: no economist does a better job of uncovering and explaining the hidden reasons for the weird ways. This enhanced e-book of The Upside of Irrationality contains more than 50 minutes of video. Each chapter includes a video summary from the author as he explo.

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This in turn requires the discussion of big, non-fluffy issues such as the effects of government regulation that cannot be resolved in nifty page chapters. In this book, Dan Ariely, I feel, starts off where he left off previously.

Most of the conclusions and finding of the book will look logical if you already know that rational man is not so rational. Paying more for less: It made me feel as if I was with him at a bar exchanging interesting bits of information.

The Upside of Irrationality is at its basis what it says it is. One group watched the toys being dismantled then used the same pieces for the same project. Why we respond to one person who needs help, but not to many – explains the rational and reality behind how to mobilize people and their resources and why the American Cancer Society is so effective.

In his groundbreaking book Predictably Irrationalsocial scientist Dan Ariely revealed the multiple biases that lead us into making unwise decisions.

He explains in great detail his well constructed case studies on which he daj draws his conclusion,using minimum theorizing,leaving little,if no,room for misinterpreting the results. Even though all of us work for a sala Since long I have wanted to add a gist of review of this book, chapter-wise so that I could look up later. Dan Ariely is the James B. In short, everything we do is not as logical as it may seem to jpside. What was it in that result set that pointed him specifically to self-delusion?

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The first half of the book relates roughly to irrationalities in the work world.

The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home

Sometimes the experiments gave unanticipated results–and this was interesting, too! I feel Dan has the rare gift to take a complex subject and present it in easy to understand concepts – effective in terms of understanding and retention.

Ariely first discusses a counter-intuitive finding which I discovered through Dan Gilbert’s Stumbling On Happiness that people adapt much more effectively to circumstances than they’d expect.

I am a layman who is a fan of behavioral economics, so Ariely is preaching to the converted and I am therefore inclined to give a positive rating, although sometimes the fluffiness of a book that can be read in under five or six hours makes you long for such a brilliant author to wade into slightly more controversial territory or for his “author-character” to become a little more provocative.

Aug 23, Carol Moore rated it really liked it. The book can drag in places – as you will go through the same structure for chapter after chapter. If Behavioural Economics is ever going to be more than just oppositional, I think og will need to more closely align itself to overtly democratic principles — Rational Economics has nailed its colours to the mast tge Aristocracy or Plutocracy and believes in the maxim of increasingly unequal distribution raionality the goods of society as the prime motivator towards higher production.

Cumulatively they afford an accessible account of the same material that is more thorough and more rigorous than that in Professor Ariely’s somewhat disappointing sophomore effort. These questions are covered in the first part of the book with simple narrative and with numerous examples.

If only we lived in a democracy — then people would be able to vote and to decide on laws that could restrict such naked self-interest and appalling upwide.

Jun 18, Trevor rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author conducted studies based on his past irrational behaviours. So if you want to be happy, space out or interrupt your happy experiences don’t outfit your new apartment all at once, but buy one thing at a time after the thrill of the last one has faded and plow through your bad experiences all at once don’t take breaks when you’re paying taxes, cut your extra budget items all at once.



This gives the book an aura of authenticity, because it describes tue in the first person. Dec 27, Hamidreza Amiri rated it really liked it. Oct 23, Soheil rated it really liked it. More on online dating sites. Aug 28, Kanti Brahma rated it liked it. Dan Ariely’s previous book on behavioral economics, Predictably Irrational was fantastic.

My only bone of contention being it got a little boring ean times and yes most of the experiments were kind of long drawn. I enjoyed this book very much and even though some of it is very confronting the last chapter on how his doctors saved his arm and whether this was a good or bad thing is, to use an Americanism, in your face I think the ideas contained in it are very important and I think he has successfully, and not hte, used his life to illuminate his meaning.

The Upside of Irrationality – Wikipedia

But Rational Economics also provides the basis on which we build many of the theories that structure how we think about the economy as rationakity whole — particularly around notions of the free market.

Dan Ariely adds his own experiences, esp. Ariely’s goal is twofold: Ariely recovered and went on to graduate from Tel Aviv University and received a Ph. May 22, Jill rated it it was amazing. How sometimes we pass up great ideas because they weren’t ours. How adaption can work ratlonality you.