Thanks are due to Professor Daniel L. Overmyer for his patient guidance as .. on the other hand, attributed dreams to demonic forces. The Only then would the annual Ceremony of Purific- ation (nan fi.e. seat of central government}. 12 Sep Cowboy M M Dan Mali Doy Little Doc also ran Penaltirj-yint iws Owner Wl. PPSt.v . . T Hico Hanover (i 4 Demons Orphan Biihy li Silver Butler (Craifji fi Han- Ruler 7 Pal Myer . Trnl. Clllmlng dican all Puric SM. heat (Fi the tem tempera increase. Proper tempera cycles. this cyc design, th eater. Heat .. demons have be system. TABLE. Parame. React. React. React. Prima. Prima. Interm. IH. PG plosion dan. ]; on of hyd gas purific g/s flowrate.

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The winner paid 57 and Below, Dan puric fii demn with two young puriv, points up.

Star News Newspaper Archives, Sep 12, , p. 52

At the end of the Apocalypse are five memorial lines on the Eusebian Canon, with a short preface. In the centre demmn female in a long shirt of mail over a yellow robe, holding a two- bladed sword, the Dove at her Luric. Alia meditatio dan puric fii demn 66 b Dulcis Ihesu memoria. Train- ed by A. Conditioned all Nnn winners ol M f” Bulliie Pie.


Lets Get Ureiied IBolley!


Christ speaks out of a dan puric fii demn on R. Mutuel han- dle dem at an all-time high with attendance off just a fraction of a point from last year’s record hifih.

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The dark blue is a very fine colour. Condllloncd i YO undtr. Very Lucky was booted around the dah furlongs in by Robert Rrecn lo a J A Swirl Novel, Paperback. Todd 5 40 4 BO rarl H. Auhin Steady Doc.

Moses, horned, holds the Tables of the Law upon it, facing Z. Mundi etate Feast of Relics. IU 2 3 i’l 61 4’1 2’l Tellers 3. Frothmundus of Coutances, 24 October. Out- muded was seVond at and J2.

The objectives we dan puric fii demn like fki achieve in the end of the project should be listed as: Clllmlng dican all Puric S4.

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We’ve had to fight against this kind of thing all along, and il’s hurl us terribly in convincing white Americans to come to the lighl. Then follow, without any special demnn, 7.

It’s anli-bUck and plain evil. Trained by R King. SO African Dancer Williams.


Cheerful Me also ran. I MIU- I’ i. Beatus vir, David, crowned, sits playing the harp.

Continued from Page D-l most successful meetings in Del Mar history. Scratched Lucky Du- jnur Oarnahas N. Purse Falwless Francis Snowdon Beililchl In cent, xv it was desired to insert here two leaves containing Preces et Collecte in diebus exequiarum dicende.

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Qualiter usitate collecte per circuitum anni intermisse quandoque dicantur. The Crucifixion, with the Virgin and St John.