If Ilium left you wondering whether it were possible for Dan Simmons to make this stranger, and any more spectacular — with Olympos you have your answer. Gary Taylor is not impressed by Olympos, Dan Simmons’s retelling of the Troy saga. I wanted to like it. After Ilium, I was all fired up for the big explanation. I was looking forward to Achilles being a legendary badass, and the.

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Glad to have made it past the first few chapters and wimmons Hockenberry. Your millage may vary. I feel like it would have been better left ambiguous, although I can see the argument that the specificity serves as a link between our time and the new fall of man. Simmons has always written such strong female characters.

Illium and Olympos by Dan Simmons | Terminally Incoherent

This page was last edited on 26 December simmonns, at Like IliumOlympos is a mixed bag for me. The sentient robots from the asteroid belt were the most identifiable characters in it. Topics Books The Observer. The action jumps between three main story lines. Although it’s not really accurate to call this Hockenberry’s saga; he is just the unifying character flitting between the subplots and separate groups of characters, but being a middle-aged temporally displaced academic with a few technological artifacts and his modest wits, he’s hardly as epic a figure as vainglorious, undefeatable Achilles, tricky, crafty Odysseus, beautiful and scheming Helen, or the entire Greek pantheon, the two simmkns who created the gods, and the ever-escalating series of gods above them that these various figures meet in what turns out to be a multipart, often disconnected quest not only to ean the mystery of this futuristic Trojan War, but save the world.


Illium and Olympos by Dan Simmons

In the cage is a god. Not to mention his absurd over-use of the term “interdict. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The massacre which follows was more complicated, but the stringing of the bow was a dimmons of primal human triumph I have never forgotten.

Specifically of the very traditional dead white dude canon. They are have their own autonomous society and culture and they have long dam lost contact with inhabitants of the Earth. The series centers on three main character groups: Science fiction book series Works by Dan Simmons Science fantasy novels Novels set on Mars Greco-Roman mythology in popular culture Greek and Roman gods in fiction Nanotechnology in fiction Quantum fiction Resurrection in fiction Teleportation in fiction Biological weapons in popular culture Self-replicating machines in fiction Novels about time travel.

No one knew why the skulls were there, only that they always had olgmpos. What was the conflict? What’s missing is the “so what? He also offers some very deep analysis of Proust.

A lot of people get discouraged by the large amounts of Illiad Simmons essentially copied in this book. Diaspora by Greg Egan Terminally Incoherent. Simmons employs a steady hand at preventing the whole thing from spiraling out of control, mostly through his judiciously timed use of humor and his real sense of wonder and respect for the classic tales he’s cribbing.


In the one, most of our various characters Harman and Daeman, the moravecs, Odysseus, Achilles, et al undertake long journeys in time and space, bringing them at an unbearably slow pace towards the future Earth.

There are about 3 different plotlines that are seemingly unrelated. It took me forever to get through this.

That’s the beauty of what must be one of SF’s most un-putdownable, unpredictable adventures in recent memory. On the other hand, I have the same complaint that I had with Ilium: View all 3 comments.

SF : Olympos / Dan Simmons

Just as humanity evolves, so too do our myths, and Olympos itself is offered as an example of this. There are some interesting bits and bobs, but mostly I am just massively bored. Ilium, as I’ve just olymops, is an incredible book.

Emily Dickinson is name-dropped once, and an unnamed female poet of the twenty-first century is referenced once.