I had dreamed of being on Deosai since Eventually got there in the summer of It was every bit like the descriptions I had read in. Deosai: Land of the Giant 25 April Bookmark and Share. From DEOSAI: THE LAND OF THE GIANT – available at Sang-e-Meel Publications. For centuries, it is believed that this place is haunted by giants, thus the name ‘ The Land of the Giants’ came into being. The weather in quite.

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Deosai “Part of Heaven on Earth” and excellent photography as well. I was deosaj at the end of the day, but the beautiful scene ahead of us was worth it. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us.

Deosai: The land of giants

So many foreigners visit this place every year, may be even more than Pakistanis themselves. I commend Dawn for bringing out from time to time, such wonderful articles about some of the remote but beautiful areas of Pakistan.

Syed Ali Apr 28, Tony Jboye Apr 27, Tje would like to see the numbers of Brow Bear and its pray increasing as according to the last count in the area, very few brown bears were tbe. After a recent hydel project, Satpara is now also a main source of power for the people of Skardu the only major town around Deosai and that means no power outages.


Is there a hostel or hotel what would be logistics like and where can one access them. WOW, what stunning scenery.

I was there last year. Awais Ali Apr 28, Karakoram Heli skying by Walkabout Films. Pakistan can truly become a great Tourist destination, especially for country in the neighbourhood. One alnd the few undiscovered areas in this part of the region, now seems to be opening to the outside world.

Dosai a hundred and seventy two different varieties of flowers on an endless plateau that stretches for miles in every direction. KPK Apr 27, Govt and Army facilitates all tourists in these areas as per my personal experience.

Deosai National Park

glant The Deosai National Park was established in to protect the survival of the Himalayan brown bear and its habitat. The beauty can’t be expressed in words. Quazimodo Apr 27, Mohammad Ali Apr 28, Hasaan Ali Apr 28, That was the summer of and Nadeem came back with the most priceless imagery ever. I love to visit this place.

Not only me but all my irish friends here in ireland were amazed at the beauty of pakistan. It remains covered with snow for 8 months. Breathtakingly beautiful and pure it befits the name, “Pakistan”. Hakim Apr 28, If I could I would pack up now and head towards this piece of paradise.


As far as safety is concerned, it is the safest place to visit. Breathtaking these places maybe, they are not easy to reach which is why natural beauty remains untouched and well preserved.

Deosai Plains: Welcome to surreal Pakistan – Pakistan –

Syed Mehdi Bukhari Updated Jul 20, Called Ghbiarsa in the local language, this place is only accessible in the summer months. Please don’t advertise thd places. This is my Paradise Pakistan. Considering the fate of several hill resorts that look more like pastries and less like peaceful retreatspromoting Deosai becomes a tricky proposition because nothing could be more tragic than its unregulated development.

Paras Shah Apr 27, Muhamamd Yousaf Apr 28, Sarah FYI, this area is not dangerous at all.

Where are the daffodils??? Zia Apr 27, The punishment for this stubbornness was that the jeep track had completely disappeared due to snow, deosia the risk, and pushing the jeep with snow chains in the tires.