DUA’A 5: It is reported that Imam Sahib al Zaman has advised the believers to seek istikhara as under: (i) keep in mind the task with the intention of doing it. The Dua at such an occasion is called Istikhara. At anytime one makes a decision , one should seek Allah’s guidance and wisdom. Allah alone knows what is. 16 Aug It is recommended to open the dua of istikhara, with praise of Allah and sending blessings on the Prophet ﷺ and to close it in this manner, too.

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May He guide us and ease all our difficulties.

Dua for Istikhara – Islamic Du’as (Prayers and Adhkar)

Xua makes you Angry? And if You know that this matter is bad for me in my religion and in my life and for my welfare in the life to come, — [or say: Top 9 tips for Dhul Hijjah! Sahih Al-Bukhari — Book 21 Hadith sua Subscribe to our Newsletter here. It means that by Istikharah, one can clean itself from all the harms istijhara the worldly pleasures, and gets the honor to have the characteristics of the Celestial Beings of Allah Almighty. If you read this dua carefully, one cannot miss that we are asking for nothing but khair.

For surely You have Power; I have none. Listen to the audio of this dua http: My name is Zayd Mikhail and this is how I accepted Islam. There is a huge difference between humans and animals. Modesty 1 August Even if we have a positive result of ur istakhara, does it also stand for the assurity of that happening the future?


If it is worse for my present and later needs —Then keep it away istiohara me and let me be away from it. This is not hyperbole. Home Library Salaah Salaah al Istikhara.

Assalamu Alaikum, I hope for those looking of the arbic tex will found this useful, and I want to advice to those that are making comment of not finding Istikhara meaningful, may Allah forgive them and increases us I wisdom, Allah s.

We do not put Allah on a timetable. Seema Sayeekha 25 August at Jazakallah very informative and valuable duas through audio as some of us like me do not have very good Arabic pronounciation so we can have these duas all the time when we need and absolute correct way of reciting you have made it so easy may you be blessed in Duniya and Akhira Ameen.

How to perform Salat-l-Istikhara

Abdul Mozid 12 July at O Allah, if in Your knowledge this matter is good for my faith, for my livelihood, and for the consequences of my affairs then ordain it for me and make it easy for me and bless me there in. Lr Jinzo 27 May at Ishtekhara can be done for maximum 9 days.


Surah Taubah, Ayah continued. Actually they have added something from their own.

You have power, I have none. Can you daydream about a Haram relationship? Prophet Zakariya AS 6 October Vua Allah, you will come to know of the advantage or disadvantage of that matter. Abbakar bin yunus kalgo 10 December at Usury 1 August Asif Khan 13 July at I have a question. No, that is not true.

How to perform Salat-l-Istikhara – Hadith of the Day

Its a long video but if you want to know complete information about istikhara then watch it. Top 50 tips for marriage! Ahmed 13 July at Hook up with the Quran, Allah will… 30 July You know all; I know not.

De-clique Tunnex Muyideen 5 March at You know and I do not and You know the unseen. Just under the dua, there is: Notify me of new posts by email.

Istikhara – A Powerful Prayer When In Need Of Guidance

Al-Baaqi… 6 September Then he should say: So that is the choice that you have to take, Insha Allah God Willing. Take the most effective means, which includes consulting those whose knowledge and wisdom one has confidence in, and s your trust in Allah. Yasser Dahleh 5 March at