about the available product range; separate catalogues are available for specific range of Ducab cables. When it comes to advanced cable solutions, Ducab. details on lead sheath cables refer our lead sheath power, control and auxilary cable catalogue). (g). (1) XLPE insulation Ultra-violet (UV) colour masterbatch. Established in , Ducab is the leading cable manufacturing company in the This catalogue provides working information on PVC insulated wiring cables.

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Ducab product range catalogue by SENTOR ELECTRICAL – Issuu

As there is no halogen or acidic gas emission during burning of the cable, the sensitive equipment in the surrounding areas are not affected adversely. Check the box to request more information.

These are screened cables designed as per BS ducan are mainly used in fire detection, voice alarm, emergency lighting etc. Low Voltage Cables Low Voltage cables are used to supply power to large motors and other industrial equipments. Acid gases are poisonous irritants to people inhaling them. For detailed product description and characteristics, reference can be made to the respective FlamBICC product data in this catalog.

Not to be used for promotional or job application purposes! Electrical power, lighting and internal wiring in households, industrial and administrative buildings, Agricultural premises, switchgear and distribution boards. Low Voltage cables are used to supply power to large motors and other industrial equipments.

Download Product Catalogue NOTE – They can be customized as per customer specific requirement with options for sheathing materials and armour types. Fire Performance Cables are intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during fire. To use the application click here. They also attack the electronic circuitry of catalouge equipment used in modern offices causing costly damage.

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Read more Customer Service Contact our customer services customerservice ducab. We invite you to register your company with us. Enter your details in the form below. They are slow to ignite, burn slowly and most importantly, give out negligible amounts of smoke and fumes during a fire.

Low Voltage Cables

Smoke diminishes the time available by reducing visibility, hindering mobility and causing bodily harm. Besides the time needed for people to evacuate a building, extra time is essential to the emergency services personnel who have to enter the building to control and extinguish the fire and assist those needing help.

PVC insulated cables provide more flexibility and less bending radius for installation. Designed for indoor wiring applications, connecting handheld equipments such as power drills, hand grinders etc where cables are subjected to stress by kinking and twisting.

DUCAB Fire Performance Cables

Duflex – Ducab Flexible Cables. The moisture dcab be in the air, or could be generated by automatic sprinkler systems. These cables are manufactured for a voltage range of 1kV to 3. Ducab Smokemaster does not produce acid gas.

Ducab Smokemaster cables provide improved fire protection and reduce the risk to building occupants. Installing Ducab Smokemaster cables can reduce the threat to life by extending the escape and rescue time available.

The low smoke generation gives better visibility in a fire situation aiding the rescue operation and catalogje the EXIT path to be seen clearly for escape. Ducab has made a major contribution to meeting these requirements, with the development of a range of Ducab Smokemaster Low Smoke Zero Halogen armoured power and wiring cables. TYPE Single and Multi-Core Flexible Cables USE Designed for indoor wiring applications, connecting handheld equipments such as power drills, hand grinders etc where cables are subjected to stress by kinking duab twisting.


Contact our customer services customerservice ducab. Product finder Ducab manufactures wide range of cables and cataalogue components and cable accessories.

About Ducab Flam BICC

These cables generate very low smoke and are halogens free thus helping to save human life and protect the sensitive equipments. The structural services of the building, including the underfloor voids and vertical riser ducts which accommodate cables, can aid the spread catalogke fire and the spread of the smoke and fumes which the fire produces.

These are multi-core armoured cables designed as per BS with steel wire armour construction to meet category F fire test as per BS During F fire test direct mechanical impact and water cucab is provided on the cable during fire test. USE Supply power to large motors and other industrial equipment.

Much more time is available to enable the orderly evacuation of people from buildings when a fire is discovered. Please enable JavaScript, or certain functions may catlogue work properly.