View and Download Pioneer DVL – DVD Player / LD service manual online. DVD LD PLAYER. DVL – DVD Player / LD DVD Player pdf manual. DVL 1. SAFETY INFORMATION. This service manual is intended for qualified service technicians ; it is not meant for the casual do-it- yourselfer. Qualified. We’ve combined two great video formats into one machine. The DVL plays your collection of DVD’s AND LaserDiscs, with high-end DA converters, video.

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The choice is yours. On screen it became a disappointing wishy-washy image, lacking anything that could be called ‘resolution’. The DVL is Pioneer’s second generation combi.

The remote supplied kanual the US model of the player i. Unlike the old there’s no simple solder-blob hack. Upgrading from LD, though, is another matter entirely. Random play is provided too – this being more useful on audio CDs than movies – and you have repeat.

Yet there’s something manul.


Digging deep into the mechanism revealed why. But as with all DVD decks, its the ‘buried’ features that are more important. Alternatively, you can upgrade that clattering ancient dinosaur deck for a shiny new machine that plays LDs and DVDs. If you’ve used an old LD player you’ll know that trick play has been disc dependent – only CAV titles allowing these features. This is useful for playing DVD audio-only discs that use the higher bit rate for audiophile recordings – such as the small catalogue of titles from Chesky Dvk-919 and Denon.

For many quality-conscious viewers, it soon became the prime carrier for movies, thanks to Pioneer’s undying efforts to market NTSC-compatible players in Britain, plus the availability of US titles – albeit ‘under the counter’ or via mail order. A dimmer button reduces the intensity of the display and there’s dvl-9919 a blue disc svl-919 LED.


Yet there’s a limit to such development.

The smaller allows loading of three-inch singles. Sonically, however, this player mxnual an excellent job, especially in DTS mode. For all their convenience, the scarts lack RGB outputs.

Yet ranged against other DVD decks it’s a tad too expensive and bulky. On to sharper cvl-919. It’s a tad better than the earlier DVL, but in purely technical terms it’s fairly average compared with the best players on the market. A further feature of the onscreen display is that you can optimise it for amnual. Many measurements are identical – the jitter on both decks is an acceptable seven nanoseconds peak-to-peak and the PM phase modulated chroma noise is only 1dB different – Second coming of the combi creation If you have a laser disc collection and are thinking of upgrading to DVD, stop and think.

This player delivers both – but only up to a point. To my amazement it looked terrific. Bob Tomalski investigates the ‘little and large’ machine If, like me, you’re a home cinema fan of a certain age, chances are you’ll have vdl-919 laser disc collection.

Chapter 7, the Hidden Document, brings lifelike surround. The AM amplitude modulated chroma noise is The latter sounds sexy, yet is utterly inefficient – you can barely find the loading tray, let alone read the disc details in the dark. A digital frame store gives these functions on CLV titles too. Then there’s the changeover time from the A to B side.

The composite figures averaged around -2dB worse on both decks.

Pioneer DVL-919 Manuals

Basically, such processing reduces noise at the expense of resolution. It’s not dead yet, but its last kicks of life won’t save it. The few minutes of Titanic were stunning, both visually and audibly. For DVD setup there are the usual menu languages, parental control, subtitle preferences and 4: In summary, the DVL is not a bad performer.


The frequency response is also largely the same. In today’s DVD climate, who wants an expensive inch LD when a five-inch disc delivers so much more? Where the new DVL fails is chroma crosstalk. In the opening sequence, the ship approaches the camera and you can see every porthole, every rowlock on the ill-fated lifeboats.

This expands dynamic range up to an audible level, smoothening waveforms to restore fidelity to the original sound, in all of its naturalism and subtlety. You could purchase the Pioneer top-of-range DV for?

That’s assuming you’re using an S-video connection.

Even better, at the end of a side, the last frame captured is displayed until the next side starts up. All fine and dandy.

Program playback up to 24 steps is also offered. And with the advent of ‘flippers’ where you MUST change disc side, surely this machine should cope with them? In fact, only the DTS logo tells you it’s a different breed. A further sonic feature for DVDs is dynamic range control of dvo-919 effects during late night listening. On the DVL, menu and mode keys bring setup and special functions – all displayed via onscreen graphics which vary according to the disc loaded.

A Quick Turn function shortens the time to change from side A to B. This movie is also good for detail – you pick out every scale on the dragon’s hide.