Clarity’s team of expert developers has successfully completed numerous CMS- eCommerce integrations. If you think an Ektron eCommerce integration may be. Ektron Ecommerce. At Ameex, we help businesses extend the functionality of Ektron to better sell their products online. We have the skills and real-world. Download a list of all websites using Ektron Ecommerce.

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Online inventory is kept up-to-date; you can set properties so that when items on hand drop below a certain level, your inventory control system is notified. Regions can represent states, provinces, territories, etc. In addition to using these providers, you can add additional providers.

Extensive Ektron Integration Capabilities When organizations are assessing the benefits of an Ektron integration with their eCommerce platform, there are several key factors to consider.

Ektron CMS eCommerce Integration

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan? Shipping uses real-time rates by plugging into external providers, or you can use your own rates by setting up an internal shipping provider. Online coupon capability is ecokmerce included, letting you set the type dollar amount, percentage and at what level those coupons are applied product level, basket level and type of item.

Cart server control – this control allows a site visitor to work with products they have selected to purchase. Introduction to the Ektron eCommerce Workflow Engine. Ektrpn Webinars Ektron provides the following webinars to further your understanding of the eCommerce solution.


Within 15 minutes in AEST timezone day light hours if it does not. Do not change this once the site is live. BuiltWith gives us insight into where we can increase our technology penetration across the web. For global business opportunities, all international currencies are available. Planning and Site Design.

You may still enable PCI compliance mode in the web. We index the Internet in the same way that Google does to power their search engine.

What payment methods can I use? Add Catalog Entries to a Catalog. Once you have the Smart Form complete, click the Save button. Product entry Smart Forms standardize how product information is entered; all information, attributes, and descriptive text is entered in one place and goes into the database as structured XML data making it easy to repurpose this content wherever and whenever you need it.

Ektron CMS

Create a Product Search page. CurrencySelect server control – allows site visitors to select from available monetary types. Within that site, you can try out a customer shopping experience by going to http: Websites that have used Ektron Ecommerce long term Websites that have used Ektron Ecommerce for at least a few months. Create a Master page.


Trying a Sample eCommerce Site

You are able to use conversion rates to determine prices or set flat costs for each product. Click the Add to Cart link below a product. Open topic with navigation.

Here are some fields you might want to create in your smart form. Company Names Valid corporate entity names for websites where they’ve provided the information on their website. You can customize rates and set up rates by package size, product weight, and even product price ranges.

Websites using Ektron Ecommerce

Smart Forms standardize how product information is entered; information, ecommdrce, and descriptive text are entered in one place and go into the ecommefce as structured XML data making it easy to re-purpose this content wherever and whenever you need it.

ProductSearch Server Control Step Messages To learn about content notifications, see Configuring email for Tasks and Content. If you think an Ektron eCommerce integration may be right for your business, call or click today. Ektron’s user-friendly editing tools, responsive design capabilities, and enterprise-level search make it a powerful solution for B2B eCommerce.