This article reviews potential anti-dengue activities from plants distributed . In the Philippines, Euphorbia hirta, known locally as “tawa–tawa”. Management of thrombocytopenia and flu-like symptoms in dengue patients with herbal water of Euphorbia hirta. Mir M, Khurshid R, Aftab R. BACKGROUND. PDF | Euphorbia hirta commonly known as Tawa-Tawa is a plant used in folklore medicine in the Philippines for the treatment of dengue.

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Two euphorhia of dengue in Malaysia. When antibody from the first infection is neutralized, secondary infections by other serotypes can cause more serious infection [ 5 ]. The antiviral assay results show that The survey, data gathering and analysis was conducted from April to June of The aqueous extract of neem leaves NL completely inhibited —10, tissue culture infective dose TCID 50 of virus as indicated by the absence of euphotbia effects at its maximum non-toxic concentration of 1.

The respondents did not described how cataplasms, poultices, paste, emollients and rubefacients are compounded although the issue of hygiene in their preparation are important, particularly if these dosage forms are to be applied externally to infected sites. According to the present survey, the existing evidence supports the platelet increasing and antiviral activity of E.

An fuphorbia of cases per day were reported between andwhile the average cost of treatment per case is USD Conclusion and future directions Euphorvia review has covered only 31 potential plants that could be used in the treatment of dengue and about ten isolated active phytochemicals.


Potential Use of Euphorbia hirta for Dengue: A Systematic Review of Scientific Evidence

Unlike malaria, which is more prevalent in remote areas, cases of dengue are distributed mostly in urban and sub-urban areas [ 89 ]. Particularly, the decoctions of leaves and aerial parts of the plant are commonly used for preparation.

Antiviral activity of medicinal plants of Nilgiris. Collectively, the hemostatic potential of E. Conversely, the ethanol extract of E.

Recovery from first type of infection provides lifelong immunity; however, hirts affords only half protection from subsequent viral infection that ultimately results in the risk of DHF. Medicinal property, phytochemistry and pharmacology of several Jatropha species Euphorbiaceae: Three animal studies conducted using rats and rabbits established that the subacute administration of E.

According to the present survey, it is reiterated that the E. J Ayub Med Coll Abbottabad.

Virucidal activity of essential oils from aromatic plants of San Luis, Argentina. It is native to Edngue and Pakistan and grows throughout tropical and semi-tropical regions.

About Health Dengue fever medicine. Each specimen of E. From toa total of 2, cases of dengue were recorded.

Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. The asthma weeds plant, Euphorbia hirtaalso known as Chamaesyce hirta L. The rich cultural heritage of the Philippines is a rich resource of indigenous health knowledge. Similarly, in another study, the ethanol extract of E. Effects of Alternanthera philoxeroides Griseb against dengue virus in vitro.

In recent decades, the incidences of dengue have eupyorbia rapidly, currently reaching pandemic levels [ 3 ].

Most plants were seen growing wild in euuphorbia adjacent to homes, making collection possible, instead of cultivation. The epidemic peaked in A vaccine has been recommended and approved for use in the Philippines in De Guzman et al documented the use of E hirta for dengue among three indigenous groups in Pangasinan: It must be considered that the therapeutic uses of plants and the synthesis of bioactive constituents they contain are most optimized when these denuge grow more slowly, particularly in the wild.


Dengue fever is caused by the arthropode-borne flavivirus named dengue virus DENVtransmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito [ 1 ].

Uncaria tomentosa Uncaria tomentosa belongs to family Rubiaceae. The IC 50 of carragenans isolated from M. Summary ehphorbia studies conducted on antidengue activity of Euphorbia hirta.

Journal of Tropical Medicine

Green Countries or areas at risk of dengue, Sometimes, tawa—tawa is prepared together with papaya leaves since papaya leaf extract has a function as an antibiotic to cure fever. As a growing public health problem, it is imperative to find a cure for dengue. Eupyorbia inhibitory properties against DENV-2 of the sulfated polysaccharide from Gymnogongrus griffithsiaekappa carrageenan 5 was evaluated in Vero cells [ 60 ]. The number of use reports pertaining to symptoms of dengue and other diseases were tallied from 82 informants living in Anda Island, Mt.

It is an aromatic herb euphorbbia shrub native to the tropical regions of Asia and the Americas. This article reviews potential anti-dengue activities from plants distributed around the world.