This FM or chapter supersedes FM , which describes the M MG in the The M machine gun has a hooded and semifixed front sight (Figure ). FIELD MANUAL. HEADQUARTERS. No. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY . Washington, DC, 31 January CREW-SERVED MACHINE GUNS. (Figure ) It can be mounted on a bipod, tripod, aircraft, or vehicle. The MB is a belt-fed, air-cooled, gas-operated, fully automatic machine gun that fires.

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Check the spring for broken strands.

FM Chapter 3 MB Machine Gun

It should be vm into its major groups before cleaning. Clean gas port, inserts, and gas plug. When using a magazine of ammunition, it must be loaded into the magazine well and be free of dirt and corrosion.

The second, minor reading is from the handwheel. Push the handguard retaining pin to the left using a cartridge or the spring guide rod; then pull the handguard down. Moves the safety to the fire “F” position by pushing it to the left until the red ring is visible. The flex-mount enhances the stability of the tripod platform and dampens the recoil of the weapon. He inserts the curved lip of the adapter assembly into the slot located in the rail on the left of the receiver, below the feed tray, depressing the lever on the adapter assembly, and pushing the assembly towards the receiver, until it is against the receiver.


The cocking handle should slide freely within its guide and lock in its forward position. If the shot group is below the point of aim, rotate the sight post clockwise. In releasing the trigger, the sear remains down, but the tripping lever rises. The bipod assembly is used to fire from the prone position. The gunner identifies what number blade is on the weapon for elevation.

Defective ammunition or improper operation by the gunner is not considered a malfunction. Rotating the front sight post clockwise brings the point of impact up on the target. The appropriate adjustment is made for the peep sight, and then the sight is returned to the desired range.

The numbers on the scales and dials must be legible. Ammunition in the bandoleers may be linked together, attached to the hanger assembly, and fired from the container or the bandoleers may be removed for firing.

Disassemble the weapon as completely as time permits. This could damage the weapon. When the safety is pushed to the right, the letter “S” is visible indicating the weapon is on safe. The sear should drop down and 22.8 in the downward position.


Replacing the Bolt and Operating Rod Assembly. To place the legs in the closed position, the gunner holds them together; he pulls the them back under the handguard; he then releases them so that the hooks on the legs grip the handguard.

Perform the five-point safety check. To clear the MB, the gunner performs the following procedures:. The cover and feed mechanism assembly can be closed with the bolt in either the forward or the rearward position.

Depress the barrel locking lever with your left hand, then lift 33 carrying handle using your right hand and push the barrel forward. The bipod legs should extend and collapse easily. Sear stuck in trigger housing.

The safety should function properly. Each sight may vary as to how many clicks are needed. The components of the MB machine gun and their purpose are shown in Table and Figure Pull the barrel rearward and push downward; align the gas regulator with the gas cylinder and lock it by releasing the barrel locking lever. When not in use, the M should be inspected weekly and cleaned and lubricated when necessary.