by Frank Channing Haddock, M. S., Ph. D. PART POWER FOR PRINCIPLE –The best use of self demands that it be understood. Our ideal specimen of. How the Brain Uses Success-Magnetism Frank Channing Haddock The factors thus indicated suggest and make into Psychic Demand and its Law. 16 Oct How the Brain Uses Success-Magnetism Frank Channing Haddock The factors thus indicated suggest and make into Psychic Demand and its.

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For one thing, I FEEL that the world’s mind is slowly yet swiftly changing its adjustment to one supreme reality–Truth. It is forever striving to realize its demanx best estate. With Opportunity leading “captivity captive,” And the stars urging on to achievement, And the Sun, breeding life triumphant ; With heart courageous and faith almighty To fare forth and possess the whole world!

It appears in many phases of our daily lives. In a work frano this kind, pssychic a danger is unavoidable. Psychic Magnetism assists Physical Magnetism. With inferiors, to put self magnetically, without appearance of condescension, on their levels for the end in view,–applying then the general principles of magnetism. You may thus possess physical health without physical magnetism.

The demand must be clear and definite, not vague and indefinite. Evil exists because other people admit its existence.

The mask of magnetism achieves effectiveness when it covers personal states and purposes in a manner positively to attract, and in that manner alone. A point has neither length, breadth, nor thickness. Some will be able to claim more than others, but they will err if they assume themselves to be favorites, and the “others” will do worse than err if they complain, “We, alas, are down on our luck. Progress means that you also turn face to the Sun and walk buoyantly into the Day. The real friend is reason, acting amid harmonic conditions.

Physical Health neighbors Moral Health; 4. Always have men believed that they desired only the frank channing haddock psychic demand, and always have they sought psgchic found it in part.


It is invariably best to induce people to believe that they are acting on their personal impulse or judgment; they should be made to feel perfectly free, not at all coerced, and that they are doing their own will rather than yours–simply because they wish so to do.

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When any form of health is threatened, you say, perhaps, it is FEAR that warns you to self-preservation. I deny that slavery is religious. If, then, it can be profoundly believed that the real self cannot be hurt; if the reason can be brought to consider vividly and believingly all quieting considerations; if the self can be held consciously in the assurance that the White Life surrounds the true self, and is surely within that self, and will suffer “no evil to come nigh,” while all the instincts of self–preservation may be perfectly cyanning, fear itself must be haddovk “as far as the east is from the west.

In the application of magnetism to any task, intense, persistent demand upon the Universal Forces swings them directly into the effort. Psychic magnetism is indispensable to best physical magnetism; 4. It is neither that of Business and Financial achievement, as we studied in the First Division of the course, nor is it that of Success and Magnetism as was taught in the Second Division.

If the feeling of goodness, or of trueness, or of beauty, is deep within the subconscious phase of the self, mind-life exhibits as mental health. We have all heard the seemingly discriminating remarks that fear is normal and abnormal, and that normal fear is to be regarded as a friend, while abnormal fear should be destroyed as an enemy.

Move it in thought any distance in one direction, and you have the line. With SUPERIORS, to assume their level while magnetically deferring, without adulation or humility, to such superiority, regardless of its reality or unreality, for the end in view, applying the general principles of magnetism. So, thrice have men ventured the Word: I do not say, “Be courageous.

It is unalterably opposed to runaway fads, chimerical visions, unstrung nerves, mental aberration, psychic gourmandism. This entire question of evil is at your command. This book has all along insisted that magnetic success imperatively demands the life of highest honor.

You rise, from the foundation, through successive stories to the culminating peak.

Mastery of Self by Frank Channing Haddock – Full Text Free Book (Part 1/2)

Intense magnetic consciousness–without thought concerning it–secures, by its uplifting and stimulating influence, the greatest exaltation of personal powers when employed. When one becomes so absorbed in labor as to lose consciousness of the feeling of weariness, he has issued a “hurry call” on death.

Vistralex is a media company that publishes, promotes and sells self-improvement products. Hereafter our work will be more specific and adressed to the varying conditions of the individual man or woman. If your current relationship or marriage has lost that energies stolen demand haddock frank channing psychic from within the Custom-Made Magick Love Spell. No matter how poor may be your ability in such respect, that growth is absolutely certain if you put reasonable time and genuine effort into its acquisition.



If you have read it correctly, you have learned that magnetic growth haaddock be hurried. The higher reason declares self-preservation to be the first law of life, and then, just because this is true, it cares for self and trusts the White Universe to assist. Or still days brood, or rough winds round me sweep, Mine is the buoyant earth-man’s vibrant health: This were to make of Knowing that high goal Which truth declares is Culturing a Soul.

More than during all the centuries before, men today demand reality– psychuc the essential reality a human soul craves, and can recognize, and can use in the building of its life.

When you are dealing with other people, endeavoring magnetically to win them to your psyvhic, you should summon the general magnetic feeling within yourself, will them to do as you desire, and at the same time think of them as already consenting and acting.

It may be that all this is strange thought to you, almost meaningless, perhaps. Magnetism, through correct application to life, not only develops in the individual, but accumulates in his environment, and reacts beneficially without direct personal supervision. The silent, persistent demand of the self upon the Universal Magnetism makes it a center toward which the Forces naturally gravitate. You are rearing a structure. The demand must be reasonable, in the nature of things; not merely as you imagine.

All things exist for all beings. The author’s personal experience forbids. But then they have immediately wrapped it in packages and stowed it in boxes with elaborate labels. I cbanning fearlessness of that which I have feared I affirm cause and reason only for courage.