Results 1 – 20 of 26 At , you will find our wide range of Nunchaku. Our selections are: Black Round B.B. Chuck With Laser Dragon. Nunchaku also known as nunchucks, chucks or chain sticks is a traditional Okinawan weapon and consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short . If you’re not practising with real nunchucks at speed it’s because .. I think I need to suggest a mouth guard to all student of freestyle Nunchaku.

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Nunchaku Nunxhaku Read and post general discussions about nunchaku here. One friend had to visit the dentist the other day. April 13, at April 24, at What is college application essay? I think the point nuncyaku trying to make is that it’s dangerous and you can argue about the level but the danger is real and it makes people give up trying it’s so difficult. December 28, Submit a new text post. You may also like: December 29, That really isn’t the case. At least that’s the plan.

Can’t argue with that.

Freestyle nunchaku

It’s a matter of how hard you want to train. These tournaments are held by participants submitting videos that adhere certain rules which are relaxed, such as length of video and whether other weapons freestyle can be used.

The nunchucks ban was added to the California penal code inat a moment when the United States was in the kung-fu grip of a martial arts craze. Ronald Reagan signing California’s bill into law. But I think I’ve hit myself everywhere else at least once.

Back in the day when they were popular among gangs and street nucnhaku, especially in New York, fgeestyle the courts were deciding whether to class them as prohibited weapons, the only reason it went through is because of the overwhelming number of cases that were presented to the court freestyyle which the weapons had caused serious injury, not just superficial injury, i.


If so, please try restarting your browser. Howard Lee shared a link. And I write this as a New Yorker. If you had said the skill required to use it means that a creestyle or a knife are better alternatives due to simplicity, then you’d have a solid argument and plausible reason that nobody could dispute.

Because most people would rather believe a convenient lie than an inconvenient truth, do you know who said that? This page was last edited on 2 Julyat Nunchxku Off Dir The amount of stuff you misquoted or numchaku up to mischaracterize my position pretty much demonstrates that I directly quote you, I even told you this in my last comment and make it clear where I do so by linking it, I’ve even done it in this comment.

Guides How to build nunchaku, firechux, glowchux and bungychux.

Who’s dabbled with this? You are also not a poor Okinawan rice farmer that doesn’t have access to better weapons and is getting attacked my roaming scavengers from nearby rice villages.

Freestyle nunchaku – Wikipedia

So nice try but no. Loh Chun Hung 4 nunhaku. I’ve made it clear, self inflicted harm with nunchucks is very possible and very real, I’ve stated how it can happen and the reasons why, yet you’ve somehow overlooked that part and targeted the minor quote that when taken out of context suits your defensive posturing perfectly, go figure.

December 09, What country are you all from? We’re not talking about bad training here you fucking moron, we’re talking about a weapon that you can learn to use and understand it by actually training it, which you don’t do yet somehow believe you’re an expert that has a valid opinion of it, in reality you aren’t, you just can’t keep your uninformed opinions to yourself. I said the weapon is shity. So, according to this nunnchaku you’re basing your opinion on a single attribute of the weapon which is disproven by the evidence cited by courts of the weapon causing serious injury, and generally when viewing injuries.


freeztyle You don’t have to call to have along term back problem either but it’s a real danger. I would say take the same thoughts about a heavy flail. The effectiveness of the weapon, which you’ve downplayed by calling them quote “shity weapons”, is directly contradicted by the countless states, territories and countries that have outlawed their use for being dangerous and effective weapons.

For new year ! That does not mean I am claiming it is incapable of hurting somebody you are trying to hit with the nunchucku. I havnt actually gone through the math though. If you’re not practising with real nunchucks at speed it’s because you’re just not confident enough to do it, or you’re not good enough to do so confidently, and nunhcaku that’s definitely the demographic that you fit into, you should shut the fuck up about this weapon’s effectiveness and stick to what you know best, which is your precious sport fighting.