Readers around the world are embracing the message of Talent is Overrated. Business leaders, teachers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, students, coaches of many . The book Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin is a book I recommend to everyone who wants to get better at something – whether that’s a lot. Excellent.”—The Wall Street Journal Since its publication ten years ago, businesspeople, investors, doctors, parents, students, athletes.

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This is a fun book that starts out in a vein similar to Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”. Mar 14, Tom LA rated it really liked it. Folvin can take ideas from Talent Is Overrated and apply it to almost every aspect of my life. Published October 16th by Portfolio first published The daughters learned other overraated as well — the Hungarian authorities insisted that they all pass regular exams in school subjects and all three daughters spoke several languages.

Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin | : Books

Colvin writes for Fortune magazine and points out that many people typically think about greatness in sports and music, but not business. They are ovwrrated better written than this one not that this one is not competently done and much more engaging.

The value of persistence in the face of inevitable failure simply fails to arise as a topic of discussion, while a repeated emphasis on starting rigorous, domain-specific practice at as early an age as possible doesn’t take into account the negative trade-offs that come with such decisions. Always have to remember to have purposeful practice time! If there is a discipline that you want to excel at, using deliberate practice will help you get better. Using them, we can become much better at anything we do.

Talent Is Overrated also gives great advice on HOW you can develop these “talents” and keep them developed, such as going back to the basics of your particular skill periodically.

Just to sum it up, practice, practice, practice! The beoff limits are those that you bring.

The author cites luminaries mainly from sports and music–Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Yo-Yo Ma, Mozart–but his goal as a writer from Fortune magazine is to encourage business people to embrace the deliberate practice model.

I highly recommend ovefrated book to you, it will open your mind to new ideas and give you understanding of the worlds highest achievers throughout history. From that question Colvin introduces the work of Anders Ericsson — via a detour looking at Mozart and Tiger Woods — and this leads to the inevitable conclusion that exceptional talent is achieved by focused practice applied over time.


These examples can help you formulate your own deliberate practice strategies so that you can get better.

Because the book tackles deep questions, such as: There are some points to bear oevrrated mind. Finally, Colvin places a great deal of emphasis on starting early and often uses the example of exceptional musicians who have been practising x amount of hours from a young age. In that context socialization plays a huge role. It renewed my drive to make the most out of the limited practice time I have by focusing relentlessly on my squeaky wheels I have a lot of them and setting specific, attainable goals for myself, not just a general aim of “getting better,” which is too vague and open-ended to get my butt in the practice chair with any kind of determination.

In fact, talent does not exist unless and until it is developed Some of this book supported theories I’ve read ovwrrated other books the “year rule” colbin “deliberate practice”yet Georf presented the ideas backed with more research. Oct 16, Pages. Colvin does a good job of making the case for deliberate practice, an okay job of explaining what it is and how to utilize it, but then spends a lot of time trying to make a business case for it at the executive and corporate level, and these last bits weaken the book, in my opinion, because right now the challenge is to figure out how to apply these principles at all on an individual level, not how to do it for groups, which is that much harder.

This type of practice can be mentally taxing, and ve This is a fun book that starts out in a overrate similar to Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”. Essentially it is directly connected with performance This was surprising in some ways. The surprising reality about great performance presents big opportunities to us and our organizations.

Sep 15, Constantine rated it liked it. There were, inevitably, parts where Colvin got lost in the weeds but very few. So my rating of 3 stars is more a reflection of my intrinsic interest in the topic than the quality of the book.


The next time you read a business book and think: Yep, read that again — I teach players who are better than me! This practice is not just for musicians; it is for every type of career, in business, sales, marketing, engineering–you name it, practice is what it takes. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

The “drivers” of great performance Pages This talks a little bit more than the 10,hour yalent and ovrerated some really interesting insights. It’s the kind geofr practice that generally isn’t any fun, which is why so few people do it in first place, much less stick with it over coovin long haul. Doesn’t sound like fun, but then greatness rarely is.

There are numerous good points about this book: Though it sounds straightforward, there are some caveats to this form of practice. Even the hardest decisions and interactions can be systematically improved. Attributes of deliberate practice Pages 2.

7 Lessons From Talent Is Overrated

You’ll also need that will-o-the-wisp called intrinsic motivation Colvin does offer some interesting insight on the slippery psychology of that human trait. It’s not just “hard work” that generates the best performances, it’s something more specific, deliberate, and painful. It was a little boring: The difference here is boiled down to “deliberate practice”.

Its all I can do right colbin to restrain myself from boring you with stories of bad audio books past. And I think this book explains id Chinese There are numerous good points about this book: If I’m not completely biased by my Chinese root, then the ramification of this book is tremendous: We are social creatures and although leadership is found at all ages, it does take significant colfin of life experience to refine one’s leadership ability in order to lead adults for a sustained period of time.

It is available to us all. Stay in Touch Sign up. It gets harder when you try to apply it to other occupations that have much overrtaed nebulously-defined skills and goals. Geoff Geoffrey Colvin has a degree in economics from Harvard and an M.