7 Jul In response to this limitation, the Gotland Scale of Male Depression (GSMD) was developed to identify the extra symptoms of MDD in men. 1 Mar The Gotland Male Depression Scale (GMDS) was developed to identify these atypical or externalising symptoms in depressed males by adding. 10 Oct Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Nov 11, , Bjarni Sigurdsson and others published Validity of Gotland Male Depression Scale for male.

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Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry.

Makowska Z, Merecz D. Many clinicians and investigators have examined the adequacy of detection of depression in males.

This scale focused on such things as violence, gambling, alcohol abuse, and other external, physical expressions of depression and included the following items from the full item questionnaire. Walinder J, Rutz W. Psychiatry Res ; Based on a review of studies between andWilliams and colleagues evaluated eleven questionnaires ranging in length from 1 to 30 questions that were assessed in 28 studies.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Beck A, Steer R. After a high suicide rate among Swedish men in the s was found by Rutz, 8 the number of male suicides on the Gotland island was almost unaffected by the educational program for improving the ability of general practitioners to diagnose and treat depression.


Topics Discussed in This Paper.

The Gotland Male Depression Scale: a validity study in patients with alcohol use disorder.

Subjective well-being and ‘male depression’ in male adolescents. The Gotland Male Depression Scale: The GMDS is a item self-administered questionnaire including dimensions of depression and distress eg, irritability, aggression, and alcohol use. A focus on the unique aspects of depression in males occurred.

Historical, cultural, and economic forces have affected parenting styles so that, as boys, men will suffer a traumatic disruption of their early holding environment, a botland psychic separation from both maternal and paternal caregivers. Magovcevic M, Addis ME. Complaint of insomnia as a predictor of aging symptoms in males at a men’s health clinic.

Male depression and suicide. Men are conditioned to express themselves in opposite ways to those of women.

If you agree to our use of cookies and the contents of our Privacy Policy please click ‘accept’. Results Demographic and clinical characteristics The mean age of the participants who completed the questionnaires was Each item of the BDI-II is rated on a 4-point Likert scale ranging from 0 to 3and the total score ranges depresison 0 to 63 points. The study involved a total of men. A scaled version of the General Health Questionnaire.


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We used a two-step translation procedure to ensure consistent content validity of the questionnaires. Goldberg D, Hillier VF. Parnowski T, Jernajczyk W. In contrast, 85 Recognizing depression in a primary care setting may be particularly challenging because of time constraints and because patients, especially men, rarely report emotional difficulties.

Ages ranged from 18 to 80 with a mean age of Development and preliminary validation of a scale of psychache.

[Full text] Validity and clinical utilization of the Chinese version of the Gotlan | NDT

Home Journals Why publish with us? These three instruments are among the most thoroughly evaluated in primary care and can be used to rate the severity of depression and monitor response to therapy. Pollock, Other theories seeking to understand the different ways males and females express depression focus scalle role conditioning Kilmartin, ; Lynch and Kilmartin, ; Real,