Manifestasi Klinis Hernia Nukleus Pulposus • nyeri pada bagian spinal • Kelemahan otot • Parasthesia atau baal – servical – torakal – Lumbal Servical • C4 – C5. Symptoms from HNP vary from asymptomatic to paraplegia. Herniated disc matter may compress nerve roots, vascular structures, and even the spinal cord. In the radiological examination of the spine one frequently sees in association with kyphoses very varied contours of the upper and lower vertebral margins.

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If you log out, you will be required to enter your username and password the next time you visit. Waiver can be considered following the successful treatment of HNP. Obviously, the use of narcotic analgesics hhernia muscle relaxants is contraindicated in the aerospace environment. If the fissures reach the periphery of the anulus, the nuclear material can pass through as a disc herniation.

The pain usually improves when the patient is in the supine position with the legs slightly elevated. Nuclear material is normally contained within the annulus, but it may cause bulging of the annulus or hernia nukleus pulposus herniate through the annulus into the spinal canal. Also, a consultation from an orthopedic surgeon should clear the examinee for flying duties and delineate prognosis. The type of aircraft flown is very important in an aeromedical disposition for HNP patients.

HNP causes (Hernia Nucleus Pulposus) | Darling Nuban –

Prospective evaluation of the course of disc herniations in patients with proven radiculopathy. Initial evaluation should include history and physical examination to ensure that the examinee is asymptomatic and able to perform duties without limitations. Br J Gen Pract. Other pathologic lesions i.


Efforts to seal the annulus are under investigation. The age-incidence curve for cervical HNP peaks in the fifth through sixth decades of life and the incidence is higher in males than females. Surgery should be limited to: Mild HNP will most likely not adlah aviation problems after conservative therapy has concluded. The systematic review of Huang W.



Due to muscle spasm, a loss of normal spinal curvature may be noted. They hukleus hernia nukleus pulposus from little or no pain if the disc is the only tissue injured, to severe uplposus unrelenting neck pain or low back pain that will radiate into the regions served by affected nerve roots that are irritated or impinged by the herniated material.

However, repeated studies have failed to delineate a direct relationship between the degree of herniation and the amount of symptoms. Deterioration within the intervertebral disk results in loss of these water-retaining branches and eventually in the shortening of the chains.

Clinical Biomechanics of the Spine. A medical certificate should not be issued for any class if pain is severe enough to prevent sitting for long periods, or if nerve impingement causes severe radiculopathy or motor dysfunction.

The sciatic nerve is the most commonly affected nerve, causing symptoms of pilposus. Imaging of the Spine and Spinal Cord. Herniated disc matter may compress nerve roots, vascular structures, and even the spinal cord above L Following surgical treatment of HNP, concerns are raised regarding vertebral joint stability and subsequent catastrophic failure of the vertebral nukleeus, depending on the type and nature of the procedure.

In the patients that have non-MRI comparable implanted devices, CT myelography can be performed to visualize herniated disc. Select cases may be forwarded for to a FAA-selected consultant for review and recommendations.

The possible ejection of military aviators from aircraft makes it very important to assure that such airmen are totally healed from the disease and from any treatment prior to consideration of a waiver.


The following pulposud can be used as a protocol for rehabilitation following a lumbar microdiscectomy [72]: However, progression of disease may lead to quadriparesisparaplegia, and emergent conditions such as henria equina syndrome and conus syndrome.

When certain nerves hernia nukleus pulposus compressed, a herniated nucleus pulposus may cause fever and incontinence hernia nukleus pulposus the bladder or bowels. There is no consensus hernia nukleus pulposus the criteria that have to be considered in order to determine if the radiant pain is caused hrenia disc herniation.

The age-incidence curve for thoracic HNP peaks in the fifth through sixth decades of life and the incidence is equal for both sexes. Herniation of the nucleus pulposus HNP occurs when the nucleus pulposus gel-like substance breaks through. That is usually the journal article where the information was first stated.

Most authors favour degeneration of the intervertebral disc as the pul;osus cause of spinal disc herniation and cite trauma as a low cause. However, the degenerating intervertebral disk is known to have neurovascular elements at the periphery, including pain fibers. A hemilaminectomy is less concerning than a laminectomy and fusion, and multilevel surgery is of more concern than single level surgery. For consideration, an individual must provide a complete orthopedic or neurosurgical evaluation.

This causes an oscillatory pressure to decrease pain. An intervertebral disk acts as shock absorber 24 disk protect.

Surrounding the NP is the annulus fibrosis AFconcentric laminated bands of fibrous tissue.