HMS Ulysses has ratings and reviews. Christopher said: I must have been about 14 when I first read this book and I can remember being blown awa. The two and a half years he spent aboard a wartime cruiser were to give him the background for HMS Ulysses, his remarkably successful first novel, published in . H.M.S. Ulysses [Alistair MacLean] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The story of men who rose to heroism, and then to something greater.

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The use of ship names derived from classical mythology is a well-established practice of the Royal Navy.

Now, he did give us some good thrillers, such as The Guns of NavaroneWhere Eagles Dare and Night Without Endbut his later output is really not anywhere near his first offering. Alistair MacLean would have been in his early 20s during his service on ukysses Arctic convoys, and he died aged 64 in of alcohol-related problems — the same problems which caused the unhappy decline in his work after his first 10 or so adventure hks.

Luckily, he has also uylsses maverick California cop, Ryder — by kidnapping his wife — so Ryder tracks him down, disarms his gang and kills him.

Their rank, position, the acronym of their position, their last name, nickname, and first name are all used interchangeably, which creates confusion and further distances the reader from the characters.

The best sea warfare novel. I loved the perseverance shown through the characters, their sacrifices, and personal stories. And Reeman never killed off so many “white hats.

HMS Ulysses

Ulysses is assigned to assist a merchant convoy on its re-supply mission to their Russian allies in Murmansk. Ulysses are expected to perform and survive despite the extremely cold Arctic weather, small rations, little sleep and an uncaring high command.

Just get ulyssez those initial pages.

Vice-Admiral Tyndall, formerly known as Farmer Giles, now exhausted and disillusioned, who breaks down after making a series of disastrous miscalculations about the attacking German ships and U-boats; returns to the bridge in his pyjamas and soon after dies of frostbite and shock.

Ulysss agent John Deakin poses as a wanted criminal in order to foil a gang smuggling guns to Injuns in the Rockies and planning to steal government gold in return. Makes you feel as if you are on the Murmansk run, enduring sleepless nights and sub-zero temperatures while German H,s, planes and surface ships are trying their best to kill you.


It is the tale of a light cruiser on an arctic convoy to Russia – a punishment issued to an already fatigued crew by an infuriatingly cold and punitive Admiralty for mutinous actions on their prior convoy run. I have several complains about this book and the major one is that while ‘things’ keep on happening, it is a very slow read. No rescue ships on this convoy; given what happened to the Stockport and Zafaaran, both torpedoed with a loss of all hands and many who had been rescued from other ships that had HMS Ulysses is a ship badly in need of rest.

Sherriff, Playwright of the Trenches. Assistant Cook McQuater, his boots soaked with freezing seawater in the arsenal, who sets the sprinklers off to kill the fire threatening the armoury even though he knows the hatchway out is jammed ie who drowns. And the best film, Where Eagles Dare, is not one of his best books.

Even during major scenes, I would often put the book down and forget about it for some time.

HMS Ulysses (novel) – Wikipedia

It struck the entire length of the Ulysses, for the first time that night, with tremendous weight. I had never read any Alistair MacLean even though many of his titles were familiar from films. My vote would fall somewhere in the middle. Bad things happen to them, but the feelings of the victims cannot be fully realized because much of their background is missing. The story places the reader on board as an observer in this intense telling of a naval story out of World War II. This is the author’s first book and he has written many more excellent sea stories too, but this one stands out for me; much in the way of the novel “The Cruel Sea” HMS Ulysses is a frigate which is part of the arctic convoy runs during World War II to Murmansk.

This is in contrast to most rock music, which is basically first-person narrative. I wanted to see how the captain would handle a possibly mutinous crew At some point, MacLean should just take a lesson from Star Trek. Between and Ulysses was held in reserve at Devonport. My copy of the book has long gone so I hope somebody can find it for me.

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HMS Ulysses by Alistair MacLean () | Books & Boots

But the real danger of the ice lay in its weight. Jul 17, Oliviu Craznic rated it liked it. Brutal and relentless, the description of the borderline crew fighting the enemy as well as the elements during an Arctic convoy is both thrilling and exhausting and had MacLean continued upon this path, he would be remembered differently.

The only fault I found with this book was the way he used different names in different situations for the same people. It does a good job of portraying what life must have been like on one of those arctic convoy runs. The characters are clearly etched. Archived from the original on 12 March I picked HMS Ulysses and the teacher liked the piece so much I got to read my piece out in class, along with a couple of excerpts.

It clogs his movements, burns his eyes, sears his lungs and tears away his stomach in uncontrollable paroxysms of retching; but oil on fire is a hellish thing, death by torture, a slow, shrieking death by drowning, by burning, by asphyxiation-for the flames devour all the life-giving oxygen on the surface of the sea.

And then there were the torpedoes Its a classic which needs to be revered both as an axiom of soldierly conduct and leadership qualities. Mar 06, Sreescanda rated it it was amazing.

Algonquin ex- Valentine Sioux ex- Vixen. BPF ships were carrying out maintenance and repair after completion of a series of air. Return to Book Page. To recap his war career: Then he has to fire on his father’s ship because it was endangering the convoy. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The novel features HMS Ulyssesa light cruiser that is well armed and among the fastest ships in the world.