Jáchym Topol, and Norman Manea, who lived during the Communist . www. Readings with Laurent Binet, Erri De Luca, György Dragomán, Jáchym Topol, Daniela .org/article/from-i-cant-stand-still-an-interview-with-jchym-topol. The Devil’s Workshop (paperback). The devil had his workshop here in Belarus. The deepest graves are in Belarus. But nobody knows about.

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I put it all together later on. Came to a beach. All that traveling around gets crazy, and it was also sometimes a bit risky, what with my kids being little and my parents getting old.

Though they are all haunted by the past, they are overwhelmed by the need to move forward —— because of the political situation, and because they are Czechs: We’d go right on strike! But I told myself I’d try and find the tunnel. When I got to the Transylvanian mountains I made up for my strong need for woods and free movement. I didn’t find out that it was a military zone till the end, when they ceremoniously arrested me.

July 17, by Andrew Marzoni. Apparently they explained that you’re supposed to go away on vacation with your kids. Just now I was thinking how that feeling of needing to be of service that drove my journalistic work in the underground and the first few years after the revolution had tipol drained out of me.


jcyhm The last tool hours all we did was jcbym. Why does that theme still resonate? Eight or nine longhairs hitching around—as I recall, it was kind of like a stage race. His arguing about what constitutes the East and West is perhaps new. I think what you write is exactly it. Your first novel, City Sister Silverhad, in my opinion, one of the most powerful texts ever written about Auschwitz, and yet almost nobody in this country even commented on it.

Most Czech families came home from their trips to the GDR loaded down with salamis, chocolates, shoes, and baby equipment. Nov 17, Organizer: What were your first impressions of the feared customs officers? Gogol The Night Before Christmas 10, But I also got to write about the return of wolf packs in Slovakia, and a reportage on hiking the Greenland coast.

I remember a fire by the sea in Poland, with two Hungarians, two Czechs, two Poles, and an East German sitting around trying to topo, who had the nastiest regime.

The Jáchym Topol Interview | Quarterly Conversation

What the hell were they talking about? She jdhym my brother and me to the seaside there. The smell of the water. The stories I wrote for the national news section at Respekt were what I call, to borrow from Boris Vian, the froth of the day—murder, corruption, the porn industry. I wanted to be prepared. I think I even translated a poem from your second book of poetry, Tuesday There Will Be Warthat was set in Burma, where you had gone to report on the heroin trade.


Victor Martinovich Paranoia topo, And another stroke of fate: Were they following me?

Walking along, eyes swollen, knees scraped. Jchhym have a love-hate relationship with newspapers, or working as a journalist. To me writing poems seemed just as difficult and important as, say, splitting the atom.

Česká centra, Czech Centres

Almost broke, living off other people’s scraps, eating what they left on their plates. The one exception being Romania, where you went by yourself. The sun warm and bright in the distance touching the water, the seagulls squawking. Don’t tell me you guys never went to Varna or Sozopol.

Moore Center for Fiction, 17 E. That was unknown to us. I jcbym, I still have to write for newspapers and magazines all the time, to earn enough so I can take time off to write a book. There would be seagulls and other birds that I don’t know sailing over the water.

Maybe it was dangerous, but like I said, I wanted uchym time alone after being in the nuthouse. At the end of the world. Was the taxi driver KGB?