My experience with a Jetex 50 Hell-Cat motor was somewhat limited. The way it worked was to insert the fuel pellets into the motor body, then insert a thin wire. The tiny aluminium motor burns pellets of solid fuel. So the fuel won’t go up all at once like a firecracker, it is especially treated to burn quite slowly. The Jetex. 25 Apr I’ve got a jetex motor and some fuel in the draw if it is of any interest. jet engines” and talks about the Jetex 50, Jetex and Jetex

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Both differed from the standard 50 in that they had a pressed alloy case, rather than a turned one, and dome shaped exhaust nozzles, which had proved more successful with augmented thrust experiments, but necessitated a flat asbestos bottom shield.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The use of an augmenter tube basically a long tailpipe was supposed to increase thrust, but for model aircraft designs also had the advantage that one could place the engine forwards or centrally for balanced weightbut have the exhaust jet emerging near the back of the plane, rather than have it potentially playing along the body of the aircraft and setting the tail on fire.

I also have some plans half drawn up for a little ME too. If you can get hold of a plan or a back issue was around 16 years ago it had plenty of detail on the motor, its mounting and how to fire.

How does a Jetex compare to the estes motors? Happy memories of club nights in Dunfirmline and Round The Pole flying with tiny Jetex powered deltas. Jetex Scorpion [image info].

The Jetex engine

Toy Brands and Manufacturers Jetex rocket motors. You may need a box of tissues though! The next development engie the packaging of the 50B motor with an augmenter tube right. Jetex motors were also made under licence in France by Solidoand advertised in the French edition of Meccano Magazine during Summer When they fuel was getting harder to find, we bought the kind of firework sticks that you step on and they sizzle and crack.


As the most popular unit of the range, the Jetex 50 underwent a series of modifications in order to keep pace with new developments. Just built this for a mate. I don’t have any proof of this but that was the rumor of the day. Much like our tailpipes of today. We welcome contributions from fellow modellers, rocket scientists, historians and micro rocket enthusiasts.

Any landing you ketex walk away from is a good one. Overall, the Jetex system was easy to use, reliable, and comparatively safe, and its predictability meant that makers were confident about making model vehicles even cars!

Jetex Motors & Fuel Pellets – Airplanes and Rockets

I must have had at least 10 of the “50”-type. I will be using them for one of my classes building dragsters as a bit of a science project when the weather gets better. Can you still get the fuel pellets for Jetex?

Solid fuel pellets 4. I cut my eye teeth on these very early “jet” motors. Send a private message to Harley Condra. Some of the older guys in RC might remember this little jet engine.

Wilmot and Mansour initially only produced the engines perhaps because they didn’t initially have the time to also design and put into production actual planes, and perhaps because of not wanting to immediately go into head-on competition with their previous company, which was backed by the giant Lines Brothers empire. This was a great boon to scale model enthusiasts, who were now able to fully enclose the motor and have it exhausting in realistic fashion through the scale jet nozzle.


It looks like the one they call a Scorpion. Jetex motors are powered by a solid pellet of guanidine nitratewhich burns to release a variety of gases in copious volume, leaving no solid residue or ash.

I’m not convinced that any model since has been as much fun as that. The Scorpion was the bigger one of the bunch. Jetex “” Fuel Pellet Instructions. Jetex advert, Hobbies MM Ingieuk on April 26, The springs 1 are intended to hold the end cap 12 tightly seated on the asbestos washer 11 so as to seal the combustion chamber 7. It’s a really cool piece of history!

Jetex or modern equivalent? Cap sealing washer 8. Find More Posts by Boomerang1. Classic Models Current Jegex. Thrust developed is fairly modest, suitable for horizontally launched flying models rather than vertically launched rockets.

They only put out a small amount of thrust about 2N on average, with an 8N spike at ignition but they burn for approx 5 seconds.

Occasionally one of the local free flight guys will bring one out for a fly, no idea where they get the fuel pellets, I suspect they are just 40 year old originals. This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat Ingieuk on April 25, I’ve just had a look in the Fun stuff section on the Robotbirds website, and they don’t list the Twister any more unfortunately: After all the fuse was gone but most of the fuel pellets were left, I’d load in full pellets, then crush others to fill the nozzle end so that it was next to the hole.