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See this species on FishBase. Other species of sharks that are protected by law in Indonesia are: If you wish, you can Register now. Within FishSource, the term “fishery” is used to indicate each unique sun of a flag country with a fishing gear, operating within a particular management unit, upon a resource.

Live Grouper Fish a. Meanwhile, the plotted reported landing refers to the landing of leopard coralgrouper.

Exploitation status is worsening from to Sinu de Mitcheson et al. This profile may undergo restructuring in the future as new information comes to light. No data available for recruitment.

Kerapu Sunu (Coral Trout) | rengga permana | Flickr

According to the Fisheries Act No. In Indonesia, we used to called this fish as kerapu lodikerapu sunu hitam kreapu black grouper, the small blue dotted grouper called kerapu tungsin or kerapu tungsenwhile the larger blue dotted called kerapu bintang.

This site uses cookies. Based on this most recent assessment, the reef fish group in FMA is considered as ‘over-exploited’ with an E value of 1. Leopard coralgrouper is caught in multi-species fisheries targeting ksrapu nei, groupers nei and suju a lesser extent, emperors, sweetlips, and jobfishes species SFPNuraini Moreover, none of these MPAs have any specific plans to protect the habitat and spawning ground of groupers per se. Consequently, basket or aggregated MSYs, TACs, and Es assessment system per species groups in each FMA had been chosen as an empirical solution to a very difficult and potentially very expensive problem Prof.


Download Source Data Registered users can download the original data file for calculating the scores after logging in. Bycatch species are usually sun-dried by the crew and sold separately, outside of the catch of snappers, groupers and emperors, which belongs to the owner of the boat and goes to the processors for middle and higher end local and export markets. They have been continuously used throughout Indonesia, particularly in the Java Sea.

The one-day fishing boats 5 — 10 GT would go along the nearshore waters within 30 — miles of the northern coast of Java. An estimated individuals in the images were distinct individuals that belonged to at least 36 species and 18 families. There is no other data on exploitation rates or biomass trends for leopard coralgrouper fishery in FMA Therefore, the corresponding road map and recovery plans for leopard coralgrouper fishery are also non-existent.

Kdrapu the statistics data collection system to obtain accurate catch data, including suu of logbook system.

The stock is considered as one big unit of biomass and no attempt is made to model on an age- or length-based. A fishery is the finest kerapj of resolution captured in FishSource profiles, as it is generally the scale at which sustainability can most fairly and practically be evaluated. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Studies on the habitat impact of the other fishing gear that target leopard coralgrouper in FMA were not found. Qualitative scoring is chosen due to the lack of quantitative data.

The official assessment advise for reef fish to which ssunu coralgrouper is aggregated into in FMA for Suman et al. However, a study on the shark and rays bycatch from deep-slope m dropline and demersal longline fisheries targeting various snapper, grouper and emperor species in central and eastern Indonesia exists Jaiteh In the datafile, we plotted the reported landing of leopard coralgrouper from to Management decisions kerqpu on controlling fishing effort through the limitation of the number of fishing gear to be licensed.


To see data for management quality, please view this site on a keraapu.

Registered users can download the original data file for calculating the scores after logging in. Also landings made at ports in any specific WPP, are not necessarily fish caught in that particular WPP, and this is especially true for snappers, groupers and emperors landed and processed in East Java, on the coast of WPP suju No account on discarding was mentioned.

Kerapu Sunu (Coral Trout)

No biological reference points have been officially assessed for leopard coralgrouper in FMA Future studies on the shark and rays bycatch from snapper and grouper fisheries in more areas of Indonesian waters will be carried out in due course Dr Peter Mous,TNC Indonesia Fisheries Conservation Program, pers. Specific study on the effects of the leopard coralgrouper or grouper fisheries on ETP species in the Java Sea is presently not available. Leopard coralgrouper – Java Sea.

As calculated for data. Beginningofficial reported suunu of groupers have been separated from 1 subu groupers group into 5 individual groupers species that includes leopard coralgrouper P.