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Il Consiglio Direttivo dell Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria One of the main activities carried out by the IIPP is the organisation of meetings aimed at exchanging ideas and updating the state of the art on specific topics.

We produced five striations on every material with each tool and repeated this for three times. The comparison between stone provenance and technical aspects let us to suggest a long-distance mobility, suitable for the exploitation of a large area spanning from Provence to central Italy. The last Neanderthals in Southern Italy J. We stock a wide range of products available from our dealers to suit your specific needs. Risultati preliminari e obiettivi di ricerca alla luce della riapertura degli scavi The human occupation during the Upper Palaeolithic in the Grotta del Leone at Agnano Pisa: Flaking is oriented towards the production of micro- and hyper-micro blanks through the intensive exploitation of prismatic and discoid cores starting from small pebbles and cobbles collected locally.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Compared to Cala Mancina, the Grotta d Oriente deposit provided a larger number of fish remains and individuals of a larger average size on-going study. Startuproom, as a leading platform for SMEs and startup development is giving out professional websites that can help SMEs and startups to quadruple their sales in 30 days and build a strong online presence with free one month sales coaching.

This was probably linked to the provisioning of non lithic resources i. The tools had a continuous active edge Concerning the Epigravettian levels, 47 human remains 22 cranial and 25 postcranial were found and all are unpublished. Some other use zones unretouched sides are present on the same bladelets.

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sebasyiano In the future, microstratigraphical taphonomical, archeozoological and fabric analyses, will help us to reconstruct in greater detail the micro-history of the site. A revision of the record and the zamolli of new methodologies.


Report Share Download 12 Evidence and research perspectives D. In particular a previous study on technological analysis of engraved Palaeolithic mobiliary art objects from Grotta Paglicci Rignano Garganico-FG revealed substantial differences between cut marks and artistic incisions Moretti In the discovery by Bonfils and Jullien of a sepulchre from the ancient Gravettian, ‘The New Man of Menton’, further increased interest in the site.

Its surveys initiated very early, before drawing the attention of Prince Albert the 1st of Monaco. The original morphology of the cores here subdivided into Pebbles, Blocks including Nodules and SebasgianoFlakes including burin cores – influences the way how the method of debitage is realized. Sauveterrian-like facies from Grotta d Oriente; bottom rows: Concerning both raw materials and technological features of the lithic industries found in the Baragge territory, they fit well into the regional context: The local limestone cobbles were exploited sebastiamo for debitage and rarely for shaping.

A complete inventory has been undertaken of all the human remains.

Evidence difcerenza research perspectives The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications of these patterns for ongoing debates over the definition of the Uluzzian and, more broadly, our understanding of the Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition in the Italian peninsula.

Syntetic dataset of the exploitation of raptors bone remains and claws with antropic marks or modificationsduring the Middle Paleolthic in Italy. These data are significant for the study of the distribution of the first anatomically Modern Humans in Eurasia owing to several factors: Studied in the s by J. Acheulean and Mousterian assemblages – excavated by the teams of Monaco since the end of the XIXth century until were recently the purposes of new researches, undertaken with exhaustive and plural sebastiwno DT facies; AD prevails on S, laminarity increases and, at the same time, long scrapers become dominant on short scrapers.

This site not only has played a key role in revealing the socioeconomic settlements and resource exploitation dynamics of Late Epigravettian hunters, but has also provided unique evidence of symbolic activities.

Incisions cut by moving the tool twice or bi-directionally, show more ancillary striations in the main groove and higher values both of breath at the top and breadth at the floor BT and BF in fig.


The data indicate that the deposit filling Ciota Ciara entrance was mostly laid down by dynamics related to concentrated flows emerging from the cave, with inputs of dolomite fragments from the cave bedrock and occasional events of deposition by surface water currents with tractive mechanisms.

At Riparo Bombrini, the abundance sebastino marine mollusk shells including limpets and other gastropods indicates a sustained exploitation of these animals as a dietary resource by Neanderthals. Available for download now. These objects were probably brought to the Alban Hills which, being volcanic, contain no flint, lw Giordano et alii as finished or semi-finished products Altamura, Rolfo in press.

One free animated video advert. Along with these field projects, several new projects seeking to provide better data on old unpublished or poorlyknown collections were also initiated: This study represented the first revision work of the palaeontological material from this important site.

Sebastiano Zanolli

Beside the human remains found in the stratigraphic sequence, 40 bone fragments were retrieved in an area which had been reworked during unauthorized excavations. The project consists in the organisation of short conferences dedicated to different chronological periods to be held in diverse locations. Soprintendenza della Liguria, Riparo Mochi is among the key Western European sites for assessing the nature of shifts and continuities between the Proto- and Early Aurignacian phases of the technocomplex.

Swbastiano with the exploitation of local raw materials, such as siliceous limestone, limestone and shells, we described Spinapolice the raw material coming from distant sources, probably not less than km away. Their objectives of debitage divide into two main productions: The lithic production is characterised by the exploitation of two local raw materials: Outcomes resulting from these studies were inserted in gfande GIS platform, specially provided; this made it possible to identify different activity areas, also related with the fire-place.

These cliffs were playing the role of a monumental way between terrestrial xifferenza and the forever cosmic areas, just like our nowadays diifferenza or cathedrals do. The analysis provided a better understanding of the intra and inter populational morphological variations represented in the data.