Zeroing with Aimpoint Shooting Target. 1. Set up the target at 25 meters. 2. Place firearm in solid rest and center dot on the target. 3. Take one shot and inspect. M16A2 / M16A4 weapons 25m zero target. The close combat optic ( CCO), M68 is a non-telescopic (unmagnified) reflex sight that is. Comparison of the developed targets to standard m zero targets modified for m .. either carry-handle sight and back up iron sight [BUIS]) or an M

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The target consists of: To zero the BIS for the M4-series, set the range selector to meters. Adjust windage and elevation on the reflex sight until the center of the aiming dot is at the tip of the front sight post when viewed through tarfet BIS while assuming a normal firing position.

Step by Step Guide

The back-up iron sights BIS can be boresighted to a new user to expedite meter zeroing. The backup iron sight BIS is a semi-permanent flip up sight equipped with a rail-grabbing base. However, once this is zerk, your field of view will increase and your target zwro time will decrease. This makes it easier to determine the number of click adjustments needed to change the strike of the round The steps needed to prepare the target are: You will conduct a practice qualification and record qualification on a range with the M68 on your weapon.


Align the borelight laser with the circle on the meter target offset.

The BIS is adjusted for a meter battlefield zero to targft backup in the event an optic or laser device fails to function. They will be broken down into small groups and every soldier will get a chance to ask questions while conducting the steps necessary to maximize the capabilities of this piece of equipment.

Reverse the procedure to remove it from the M Also, be sure to verify this at 50 yards when you can as there may be slight differences in each weapon that may alter the zero sight over bore height, co-witness, barrel length, ammunition used, etc.

The fundamentals are changed as 6m8.

Zeroing the Close Combat Optic (CCO), Part 1: |

Record qualification with the TWS can be done day and or night. Their duties are as follows:. Break the class down into small groups. Record qualification with the TWS is the same as day record qualification with iron sights. The TWS is a thermal sight and does not require the use of night vision devices.

The squares of the M16A2 25 meter Zero Target taregt 9. Sight Alignment for the CCO means the Paratrooper centers the dot vertically and horizontally in the tube. Open the lens covers.

Also, be sure to verify this at yards when you can as there may be slight differences in each weapon that may alter the zero sight over bore height, co-witness, barrel length, ammunition used, etc. M68 CCO is never fired in conjunction with iron sights. From this point, make 4×4 squared box around the point of impact.


M68 CCO is designed for a large eye relief for better field of view. Prepare the students for the live fire they will conduct.

If this is not a mounting option for your unit, hide this slide during the presentation. It Must Be True: Even though night vision devices greatly enhance the soldier’s ability to acquire a target at night, increased awareness of target detection must be trained to allow the solider to key in on the visual cues of infrared imagery.

Remove the carrying handle. An E —type Silhouette is Supply the knowledge of the Night Vision Equipment Supply full set of manufacturing documents drawings. If a borelight is not available, a meter zero must be done to zero the device. It takes practice to get used to the two-eyes opened method. He is leveraging his operational experience training soldiers in Weapons Mastery to address Human Systems Integration issues for the United States Army.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Probably the biggest advantage the TWS provides is its ability to negate camouflage. This box is now the offset and is the designated point of impact for the M Comments So empty here