Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers – Inventory Module – Part IV – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Oracle R12 Apps – SCM Functional Interview Questions & Answers –. Purchasing Module Refer: 1. What is 2- way, 3-way. 19 May Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions: Inventory .. Questions will be Answered soon if not answered already. Meanwhile you can post.

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We can assign item to one category within each category set.

Serial control is to monitor and track every single answes of an item like electronic devices where we track by serial number. To gain economy of production or purchase in lots. Intervidw should also be noted that Release 11i also has introduced an Amount Limit field that can be defined at the line level of the blanket agreement.

If you allow price override, enter the Price Limit. For items with a destination type of Expense, you have the option of accruing on receipt or at period end. An asset account that tracks material cost.

The Best Oracle SCM Interview Questions [UPDATED]

suestions The selection of purchase orders on this report is based on the following information in the database: What Is Consignment Inventory?

Once an approver doesn? Create a cycle count header with required interviiew Assign the items to be counted Then run the required cycle count report Using the report do the cycle counts Then go and Approve the cycle count. Purchasable flag decides, whether to order this item in a purchase order. It is used to classify a particular transaction for reporting and querying purposes. Return to Vendor — Return the received items directly to vendors.


This is also the amount that is printed on the blanket agreement and represents the contract amount between you and the vendor. In RCV Transactions block, specify the quantity you want to receive and commit the transaction.

Assign the item to a category from tools menu and save your work Select organization assignment from tools menu and assign the item to different inventory organizations by ticking the checkbox next to the inventory organizations. It continues to suggest reschedule out actions for orders within the time fence. This account is not used with the average cost method.

Standard Receipt — Perform Receive on Receipts screen. Segments are Sales order Number. Follow these 3 simple steps: The expense account used when tracking a non-asset item. What is the use of WMS Rules Workbench The Rules workbench enables you to assign strategies, rules and cost group values directly to any number of objects in an assignment matrix.

What is move order in OM. How WMS is helpful compared to Inventory. The Document Total type sets the maximum limit for any approval actions taken by the user whom the approval group applies to.

Receive an item into an organization from GL account number Issue an item from an organization into a GL account number Transfer items from one subinventory to other in the same organization.

Revision control is normally enabled for identifying a modified item. In Oracle Workflow Builder, open the? The validation of a release dollar amount anxwers not against the amount agreed on the header of the blanket purchase agreement; instead, it validates against the Amount Limit specified in the Terms and Conditions window of the Purchase Orders form. Input the item, the quantity and the subinventories between which you want to do the transfer.

To meet the time lag for transportation of goods.

Oracle SCM Interview Questions & Answers

Cycle count adjustment, Physical inventory adjustment, adjusting inventory quantity within an inventory organization and decrementing on-hand balances from a subinvemtory. I suggest these responsibilities can be shared by both: There are 5 different planning methods in oracle Inventory: If you do not allow a price override, the release price cannot exceed the Unit Price.


Negative amount invoice which is created and sent to a supplier to notify the Supplier of a credit you are recording. Suestions supplier partnership focuses on which relationship? Why master org is required So that we can have an item maintained at master level with common attributes and then we can use the same item across multiple organization instead of defining it again and again. The default order for both the sub inventory and the locator are defined in the organization.

Create an item in the item master form Copy the template from the tools menu to assign specific attributes to the intterview and save it. Either No Control or Full Control. MO Issue will move out the stock from inventory against an account. Click on the transaction lines button. For Releases to get created automatically in the Requisition Import process: Default buyer from Master Item 3.

The value indicates the priority with which we pick items from sub inventory or Locator, relative to another sub inventory or locator, where a given item resides.

ORACLE SCM Interview Questions

How lot number generates You can generate new Lot numbers during transactions. A picking order of 1 means that order entry functions pick items from the subinventory or locator before intervuew with a higher number such as 2,3 and so on. A category set is a distinct grouping scheme and consists of multiple categories.