23 Nov INTRODUCTION The Saint – Hilaire family first patented the Quasiturbine combustion QUASI TURBINE ENGINE There are actually two different. 6 Feb Since the Quasiturbine is a pure expansion engine (which the Wankel is not, neither most of other rotary engines), it is well suitable as. 22 Jun The Quasiturbine, is a new concept (patented 10 years ago), that promises to revolutionize the internal combustion engine. It is said to make.

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A high pressure tank cooled gradually when pour in an intermediate low pressure tank, but it is at the entry of the low tank pressure that the relaxation is violent and where cooling is most considerable. A pneumatic engine of this design was demonstrated powering a go-kart in Novemberand another powering a small car in Septemberboth vehicles using stored compressed air to power the engine.

It is this expansion and contraction that draws air and fuel into the engine, compresses it, makes useful power as the gases expand and then expels the exhaust.

Save your garden without killing the Earth. Indeed in relaxing, the very high pressures produce an intense cold which reduces the volume of gases gradually and thus reduces the mechanical energy extracted. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is also the design proposed for use as a pumpand particularly as a supercharger.

How Quasiturbine Engines Work

If possible, verify the text with references quasitubrine in the foreign-language article. Suitable as a double-circuits Rotary Motor or Expander for compressed air, steam and other fluids, or later as an advanced Internal Combustion Rotary Engine, as well as later for Compressor of various thermodynamic cycles.

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Adiabatic versus isothermal expansion When a compressible fluid is compressed, its temperature increases, and conversely when it expands, it cools itself. See How Rotary Engines Work for more information. This article has multiple issues. Those result can be scaled linearly for other pressure differentials. In the case of a source of pressure which becomes exhausted with time like compressed air in cylinders, the obvious disadvantage is that early stages would become useless quasiiturbine the pressure becomes less.

This third design combines aspects of the first two.

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What is nice about internal combustion engine, is their ability to provide the maximum heat by combustion while the expansion is actually occurring, something no other gas compressible engine can do easily! As of [update] a pneumatic chain saw driven by an air hose from a conventional external compressor is under development.

See more images of engines. This mode allows several advantages:. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. This mysterious object could be an alien spaceship, says Harvard astronomer. Nothing prevents from juxtaposing 3 Quasiturbines of different sizes to do still better!

Assuming that an ambient temperature heat source is always available for free, a gallon of liquid nitrogen contains only 10 to15 times less mechanical energy than a gallon of gasoline, and it is zero pollution! In order to achieve this, they had to disconnect the blades from the main shaft, and chain them around in such a way that a single rotor acts as a compressor enginws a quarter turn, and egines an engine the following quarter of a turn.

The second Quasiturbine design is greatly simplified to eliminate the carriages French sans chariots or SC. Many other designs are possible within the patented Quasiturbine model, with or without carriages and with differing numbers of ports. Lately, new researches were carried out by four researchers led by Dr. The general concept of the Quasiturbine was first patented in While placing an exchanger on this conduit one can add heat in an attempt to make that the total relaxation in the engine approaches an isothermal relaxation.


The Quasiturbine or Qurbine engine is a proposed pistonless quasiturrbine engine using a rhomboidal rotor whose sides are hinged at the vertices.

Beale number West number. Engine design is at the confluence of three factors: As the output efficiency grows quickly with overheat, we propose to use in addition a small burner with propane for example, to overheat gas nitrogen and consequently the Quasiturbine itselfso that temperatures of exhausts after adiabatic cooling become about degrees Celsius or more.

A perfect Match using liquid nitrogen! Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. The Great Oregon Steam-Up www.

The pressure of combustion is contained in a chamber formed by part of the housing on one side and the face of the triangular rotor on the other side. Quasiturbine Pneumatic and Fuel cell: Note one the efficiency As for the vapour, the effectiveness of the cycle is function of the ability overheat the gas.

This concept also allow to conceive a working cycle in which the heat quantity given to the liquid nitrogen is such that the exhaust temperature after expansion is equal to the ambient temperature!