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Then, He rose like the sun to illuminate the vaa. Satta refers to the new scat at Khadur established by Guru Arigad, for the propagation of the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak. The Guru gave the True Command; why should we hesitate to proclaim this?

They also initiated traditions which constitute the basis of Sikh corporate living to this day. BhaT Gurdas spoke of Guru Nanak in almost identical terms. You eliminate the comings and goings of reincarnation, and bestow the insignia of Your Glance of Grace. Such is the Husband famkali mother Khivi; He sustains the world.

He took the vaaar serpent as his churning string, and with the force of devotional love, he churned the ocean of the world with his churning stick, the Sumayr mountain. The Vdr comprises eight pauns or stanzas, of unequal length, varying from seven to twentyone lines with no slokas added.

Ramkali Ki Var

The Righteous Judge of Dharma considered the arguments and made the decision. Your miracles increase two-fold, even four-fold; this is the True Lord’s true blessing. He does as the Guru commands; He tasted the tasteless stone of Yoga. This Vdr, for the first time, proclaimed the nature of the law of succession in the House of Nanak. You are overflowing with the nine treasures, and the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

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This was entirely a new ministry that had been launched by the Supreme Being.

Retrieved from ” http: Then, the True Guru, the son of Pheru, came to dwell at Khadoor. He extracted the fourteen jewels, and brought forth the Divine Light. In style, purity of diction and quotability this Varmay be compared with the Vdrs rxmkali Bhai Gurdas, a contemporary and possibly the spiritual guide of baar minstrels.

They shared the One Light and the same way; the King just changed His body. The conception of the spiritual ministry of Nanak was articulated for the first time by these minstrels, and it at once caught at imagination of the Sikh people. As it appears, these bards were in their moment of inspiration taken with the idea of paying homage to the Gurus, conceiving them as kings, kings of the House ofNanak, imaginatively and retrospectively at their installation.

Meditation, austerities and self-discipline rest with You, while the others are filled with excessive pride. Balvand declares that Guru Nanak set up the strong fortress of his spirituality solely on the bedrock of truth; Guru Arigad carried forward his teaching wielding his spiritual sword.

Nanak proclaimed Lehna’s succession – he earned it. He who did the work, is accepted as Guru; so which is better – the thistle or the rice? Amritsar, Audio Listen on SikhRoots. Nanak, the Lord, the Lord of the World, spoke the words out loud. The canopy is then unfolded over the head of Lahina. The Guru implanted the almighty sword of the Teachings to illuminate his soul. You know the inner state of the soul; You are the Knower of knowers.


The Vdr refers to the institution of I. Based on Bootstrap Data Source Sikher. From it, He ra,kali the fourteen jewels, and illuminated the world. He created Himself, and He Himself is the supporting pillar.

Guru Nanak tested His Sikhs and His sons, and everyone saw what happened. Whatever the True Guru says, the True Lord does; it comes to pass instantaneously.

Blessed is Your place, and True is Your magnificent glory. Guru Arjun sits on the throne; the royal canopy waves over the True Guru. She distributes the bounty of the Guru’s Langar; the kheer – the rice pudding and ghee, is like sweet ambrosia. The talented bards and versifiers from such clans earned their livelihood by singing eulogies of their patrons, landed aristocrats, especially of their heroic deeds performed in combats, feuds, and battles in an exalted, epic style and form.

The same mark var the forehead, the same throne, and the same Royal Court.