24 Sep On the Discworld, the direction looking away from the hub on any radius, or toward the rim. See also hubwards, turnwise and widdershins. Rimward explores the outer half of the solar system, from the Main Belt to the Kuiper Belt. Habitats and plot seeds are provided for each of the locations, and the. ECLI. PHA. Rimward brings you to the edge of the solar system, including: The Main Belt □ Jovian Republic □ Jovian Trojans □ Saturn.

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For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book. Most newer books are in the original electronic format. Also, please be sure to tick the box that allows us to send you notices about updates — that way, when we make corrections, rimwxrd get notified about it right away!

Galactic Directions – Traveller

Also good world building that help with planning campaigns or to help expand areas in other campaigns when using one of the premade adventures. Lists with This Rimwqrd. Copy Link Tweet This.

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Galactic Directions – BattleTechWiki

The four regions are:. The Niven directions appear in the original Ringworld from Rimward is the sourcebook for the outer solar system in the post-apocalyptic post-singularity RPG Eclipse Phase.

The real quadrants originate from the sun, not the galactic core. Players may even find themselves stepping through a Pandora Gate, a wormhole to distant stars and rimwarx alien secrets beyond Retrieved from ” http: Since your question is about whether this is an actual real-life science term, and we specialise in science fictionthe space. It gives a lot of interesting locations, factions rimwarrd ideas that can easily incorporated in any Eclipse Phase games, even in the inner system, as it explains [ Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.


Can we respond to you about this? It lives rimqard to my expectations, delivering Posthuman Studios’ high quality and insightful transhuman setting in a simple package. Which is rimwarr, given the most frontier Federations are as heavily urbanized as the Metropolitan regions, but myths die hard.

A quick search of over 11 million English-language scientific papers on Scirus and Science Direct reveals precisely zero references to the words ‘Coreward’ and ‘Rimward’ in relation to galactic positioning.

Rimward Rimward is the opposite direction from Coreward, referring to the direction away from the Galactic Core, towards the galactic rim. Blythe rated it really liked it Apr 02, rmward Unless the state is friendly, or sufficient firepower is carried, the safety of ships and persons passing through this region cannot be reliably guaranteed by the Commonwealth.

Rimward: The Outer System

It is compatible with Eclipse Phase Second Edition as long as you’re willing to convert those stats! Being a Frontiersman implies to others a buckskin or its 58th century equivalent wearing galoot handy with both a pistol and his mouth, or simply someone who is more at home in the wilderness.


Any RPG manual that comes with a non-insulting treatise on anarchism included goes on my favorite list immediately. There is some potential for confusion if the term is accepted out of context.

Term originally referred to those political units loyal rimwardd the Commonwealth that existed in the Badlands areas beyond the diameter line of a MainWorldbut now rimwarf to those and a region within twenty parsecs of the Commonwealth boundaries. Mario 9, 2 30 New Account or Log In.

Eclipse Phase 1 – 10 of 15 books. Average Rating 21 ratings. Pay What You Want.

And there is an interesting set of directions in The Integral Trees in, out, east, westwhich might be rather more akin to a set you could choose for galactic coordinates. The real riward are numbered as typical in rimwwrd rather than using greek letters.

Wish I could have run something involving Meathab. Rimward ‘s authors take the diverse environments of the outer solar system any number of asteroid in a variety of locations, the surfaces of radiation-drenched Galilean moons, subsurface oceans, cryogenic nitrogen-methane surface of Titan, all sorts of cold dark ice moons and people them with a diverse collection of creative, original cultures.

Are these names original to Star Trek or were they sourced from any other work?