Document Name: SAE J Automobile, Truck, Track-Tractor, Trailer, and Motor Coach Wiring CFR Section(s): 49 CFR Standards Body: Society of . Find the most up-to-date version of SAE J at Engineering Electrical wiring shall be installed and maintained to conform to SAE J – Automobile, Truck, Truck-Tractor, Trailer, and Motor Coach Wiring, October , .

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Headlight systems shall be independently pro- tected. Whatever coding system is chosen, the system shall facilitate in harness manufac- turing and in service.

Lamps with pigtails not in excess of 12 in 30 cm long shall have a minimum of gauge wire; pigtails in excess of 12 in 30 cm long shall have wire gauge con- forming to the wiring requirements of the vehicle.

All conductors are to be constructed in accordance with SAE Jl and J except when good engineering practice dictates special strand con- structions. Bunched or concentric will suffice in most applications, except those requiring higher flex life. Wiring connections to lights mounted on the coach body shall be accessible from outside, with the light removed or through an access door in an interior trim panel. Wiring shall be protected from stones, excess dirt, ice, moisture, chafing, and so forth, that will result in harmful effects.

All wiring for legally required lights shall be serviceable in a manner permitting removal and reinstallation from outside the trailer. The splice must be insulated. A general design guide would be that the conductor will be required to dissipate no more than 5 W per insulated conductor foot.

Full text of “SAE J Automobile, Truck, Truck-Tractor, Trailer, and Motor Coach Wiring”

Circuit Termination— Wiring for trailer circuits shall terminate in: Polyvinyl chloride PVC can be used in most applica- are sleeves and covers which provide additional circuit and corrosion protection, tions; cross-linked polyethylene, hypalonj neoprene; etc. Care shall be taken to riiiriimize wicking’of solder ma stranded wire to avoid impairment of the strain relief oi: Circuit protection shall be accomplished by utilizing fuses, circuit break- ers, or fusible links which conform to SAE Standards.

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It covers the areas of performance, operating integrity, efficiency, economy, uniformity, facility of manufacturing and service. Secondary applications will dictate the use of special terminations for sze use or application. This remaining resistance is the maximum allowed for the battery cables.

Ground terminal devices shall be eadmium,. Consideration is given to physical and environmental factors such as flex- ing, heat, cold, bend, oil and fuel contact, dielectric, abrasion, short circuit, and pinch resistance among others.

Also available protection for the core. In addition, the maximum continuous duty temperature rating for any wire insulation shall be determined by an accelerated aging test conducted in accor- dance with ASTM Dwith the samples of insulation being removed from the dae wire and aged h. For larger cable sizes, rope stranding is needed for routing purposes as well. Non- cycling type circuit breakers will not reset until the overload is removed, unless they are the non-cycling manual-reset type.

Connec- tions shall se designed to maintain circuit integrity regardless of environmental conditions such as high humidity, road splash, rain, drainage, earth particles, fuels, lubricants, high and low temperatures, and solvent. Avoid areas of excessive heat, vibration, arid abrasion. Items that dictate the design are: A terminal shall be attached to a Conductor by a simple mechanical crimp-type process that will cbrafonri to the intent of paragraph 3.

NOTE— Overlay or option wiring should be routed in the same fasteners with standard wiring where practical, or should be fastened to the standard wiring with plastic straps or other mechanical means.

Temperature rise tests of the conductor bundle shall be run to determine the proper conductor size and insulation.

Left rear stop and turn Yellow. Xae conduit and boxes, b. Unless otherwise indicated, the latest version of SAE publications shall apply.

Suitable tubing or conduit over cables may be substituted for grommets if properly secured. Ground terminals shall be accessible for service: It is further desirable for all motor vehicle manufacturers to assign and use similar color code information for commonly used electrical circuits to promote ease of circuit analysis in service among the various manufacturers.

Clips for retaining cables and har- nesses shall be securely attached to body or frame member and cable or harness. The main ground wire shall be a minimum of gauge.


The elongation after aging shall be at least: Criminal penalties may apply for noncompliance. This is written principally for new vehicles but is also applicable to rewiring and service. The 1j292 wire for insulated-return systems shall be equal to the respective feed wire. NOTE — Extra protection such as braid, loom, conduit, etc.

NOTE— Contact of the trailer king pin or apron plate with the lower coupler or grounding through the coupler is not to be considered as providing a tractor-to-trailer ground.

Ssae jumper cable with cable plug conforming to SAE J A ser- rated paint cutting terminal may be utilized to make proper contact on painted surfaces. Since the nature of the wire is to limit the voltage applied to electrical devices, the distance of the device from the power source and the cur- rent demand of the device will determine the materials used.

Circuits using resistance wire shall be carefully placed in the vehicle so that their temperature rise will not create a hazard to, or malfunction of, any part of the vehicle.

49 CFR 393.28 – Wiring systems.

Wiring so located that it will be subjected to more than normal wear or hard usage shall be equipped with a means of disconnecting from the main harness and be easily removable for replacement or repair. Structure of the trailer, and c. Ground return connections shall be made to the vehicle structure, frame, or engine.

Except as noted, the n1292 system shall conform to the guidelines of Section 3. Battery strap is available Resistance wire low tension cable may be used to limit the voltage applied to electrical devices. Insulated or nonconductive supports shall be used.

Society of Automotive Engineers In cases where the engine or body is mounted on rubber or other insula- tion, proper ground shall be provided.