Buy Saltuk-name (Turkish sources) by (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Copyrighted Material Chapter 15 m co Islamisation through the lens te. ga of the Saltuk-name sh w.a ww ahmet t. karamustafa m co te. ga sh a marked increase. Saltuk-Name. The legend of Sari Saluk collected from oral tradition by Ebu’l-Hayr Rumi. (Part 6: folios ab). Text in facsimile with a critical and stylistic.

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A man said that his father had once thought not to go.

The river flowing in this country tastes like honey and milk. I reviewed and compared these manuscripts and prepared a critical edition of Saltuq-namewhich was published by the Ministry of Culture in Ankara as three volumes in [3].

Genies said that this river was flowing from heaven [4]. Also there are some fantastic stories in Saltuq-name. But when his name was called he began to run to the mountain. There were also some trees, which bore fruit saltuknxme shirts and caftans.


Yet, the picture looks like it. But we can estimate these dates from the events appearing in the Saltuq-name. Next, he found elixir, the water of life but could not drink it. An angel with green wings was waiting at the door. He always revered Osman. The saltuknamd, who is called, runs toward the mountains, and gets lost out of sight.

This place was a great palace, where an angel with green wings was waiting in front of the door. In Islamic sources the tree is called tubaand the river kevser. The name of the country was Djavid.


There was no death, nor any illness in this place. He looked like alive.

All men were thirty-three years old, and all of women fifteen. He asked them questions and they salgukname him from their graves [8]. The buildings were made of gold and silver, and were decorated with pearl, ruby and emerald.

The people were prosperous. Suddenly, the graves cracked open, and two girls and two boys stood up out of their graves. People never work in this place. When he came closer to the coffin, Ali suddenly held his hands, and looked at him.

It was in a deep hole. The clothes here never get dirty or wear out. He went to Kaf Mountain, and flew on the shoulder of the Simurg, the mythological bird.

Formats and Editions of Saltuk-name : the legend of Sari Saltuk []

However, he was permitted to live here for six months only [5]. Another tale in second tome is about a different way of death.

All the people here are young. He saw at the center of the room the coffin of caliph Ali. These trees are the sources of main supplies.

He talked with the dead, and they responded to him from their graves, and learned something about afterlife. They hinted that this place was a symbol of heaven. He lost the bet. Certainly, these saltunkame belong to the teller of the legends as well as to the author of the Saltuq-name. The patriarch asked for the prince from the basileus, baptized him and made him a monk.


Their corpses are also alive and can move [10].

According to these beliefs prophets and holy persons can saltuknaem and hear everything and everyone and talk from their graves. They sunk ships, and killed sailors who sailed untimely. They took each other by the hand and began to talk, by giving some religious advice and messages. When they came to the cemetery, the king showed four graves which belonged to two princes and two princesses.

The sailors of this ship were genies. He had mythological guns. There were also eight hundred eighty eight angels and eight thousand genies in the grave, all were in the service of caliph Ali.

The king was baffled and did not know what to do and what to say. They gave messages saltkuname him from afterlife. The second cult is the river. He wants to know what happens at the end of life. In this legend, the main cult is tree, which can be found in resources of most religions.

Saltuknams said that they were comfortable in their graves, and they were having a wonderful afterlife. This was a flourishing place. This place is a thriving area, and there is eternal life here.

Once, he even talked with the Prophet Muhammed and caliph Ali in their graves. Everybody was in peace and quite. He battled with witches, dragons, and dangerous, wild animals.