Buy, download and read Sethji ebook online in format for iPhone, iPad, Android, Computer and Mobile readers. Author: Shobha De. ISBN. Publisher: Penguin. I got this book as a blessing by my companion. as I am devoted client I attempt to encounter distinctive classification of book and I began perusing this. the. 23 Apr Sethji by Shobhaa De is the story of Sethji, a ruthless politician whom people fear , hate, love & respect. The central theme is the Indian Political.

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We have seen much political chaos in our movies. Not worth even a single star rating.

The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Shrewd, ruthless and an inveterate fighter, he is a man who refuses to play by any moral codes or lose a single battle.

This very racy, very like a hindi movie book zethji me with it’s really crude language and novel heroine. Wonder why Shobha De would chose such a topic.


And I was disgusted about the father-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship. I think it’s important to manage one’s expectations when reading Shobhaa De. Well of course, Ms. We’ll contact you shortly. You wouldn’t have expected a book that plastic-y from a “veteran” author such as Shobhaa De.

So, Sethji quickly arranges for his son to disappear from the country to avoid arrest. If a Woman writes something on other woman character, she is more cautious in weaving ‘such’ a character. Instead, it turned out to be a very ordinary novel. Why the critics seem more or less impressed with her books, her choice of topics or her storyline.


Sethji: (Hindi Edition) – Shobhaa De – Google Books

The story has an ability to keep a hold on readers, especially towards its last closure or nearing to its closure. After all she was the alone female in the male-dominated house. Slang language is used in the novel. When god gives life to live, he gives love, sorrows, feelings, emotions. However after reading this book, my worst fear came true. At least once it should be read to taste the hard facts of life. At times it is consensual, at times forced, and most other times as a matter of barter or a quid pro quo.

Sethji (ebook) by Shobha De |

I got this book as a blessing by my companion. She begins craving for it. But when two of the country’s most powerful men team up to challenge Sethji, the wily old politician has to fight the deadliest battle of his life a battle in which he must stake everything.

Women planet is an attempt to get all those and not only women as the perceived notion may be together who believe that women are as equally a part of this world and hold immense potential to make a real difference.

Not exactly the book I thought it was going to be but what the hey I read it any way.

Traveling Abroad with Perimenopause Lindsay Engle. She quotes from Kautilya — I wonder why? There are authors who have done a commendable job in using this theme to give us a great book, but not our Shobhaa De.


She lived for everyone in her life. Traveling Abroad with Perimenopause. After a few pages you start wondering It took me alot of effort to complete reading this book. I am not against usage of Hindi in English novels but in this book, it felt unnecessary and forced at a lot of places.

We believe sethmi the power of unity. So he runs ahead to be with his parents. N After reading the title and watching the cover page, I thought it as of ‘Chanakya’s Mantra’, but unfortunately, I made a mistake and bought this book. Mar 05, De does know few North Indian expletives, but to use it even when the setup doesn’t require it – maybe, she is trying to sound cool.

The physical relation between them was no more a secret issue. When Suraj the younger son of Sethji rapes a hilly girl, it is Amrita seghji neatly handles the media and saves the reputation of Sethji being tarnished.

Much was expected of this novel as it was written by writer of fame after so many years. How would he survive in such a status quo, was indeed a big question then.