Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Shobhaa De is one of India’s top bestselling authors. Starry Nights – Kindle edition by Shobhaa De. Download it once and. 15 Oct Aasha Rani, Bombay’s no. 1 heroine, has everything she wants—fame, money, success. All except for Akshay Arora, the film star she is. Title, Starry nights. Author, Shobha Dé. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Penguin Books , Original from, the University of California. Digitized, Jan 22,

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They all willingly use her for their own purposes. Ne va pas croire que le mariage y change q Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The author of this book is also the creator of the bollywood movie magazine Stardust. All the main character does is have sex!!

Patriarchal oppression is also seen in the way women interact with one another. To justify genuineness of your review kindly attach purchase proof Browse. This book was first published in He then proceeds to fall madly in love with her, who abandons him as she strives to get ahead in the filmi world, fully aware that she was just being used by him at first and is thus unable to return the affection of the older man.

That did not happen, or it did, but then another “tragedy” occurred.

If you read the classics and most other books I normally read, no. With her innocence stolen and nowhere else to turn, Aasha knows her downfall could come as quickly as her rise to fame. Shonali murders the assassin and ushers Aasha Rani out of the country. Starry Nights is a celebration of sex, Jackie Collins ishtyle.

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Viji, a dark chubby girl from Madras was pushed into blue films by her own mother, Amma.

Starry nights – Shobha Dé – Google Books

Fame and fortune isn’t enough, as Aasha yearns for love, and she is willing to give whatever it takes to reach this elusive goal. Shobha has the ability of manoeuvering her readers. A chase to London, Bombay and then Madras, again. In fact, most of them screw over the main character at least once if not many times.

She had a successful career in modelling and glamour world and this book is a replica of the dark side of Bollywood. Even the most fulfilling consensual sex always turns out to have some kind of ulterior motive. Despite her considerable resources, Aasha Rani when she met Jamie was an emotionally vulnerable women who had been conditioned to trading her body for favors.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Overall not something I would read dee. The protagonist did not learn from her mistakes. I don’t know what kept me reading but I did finish the book. That’s the real flavor of Bollywood. However, I do find myself wondering if this is really the way some Bollywood stars made it to the top.

You’ve gotta love Bollywood. As a reader I could have empathized with the main character, niights the writing was better.

Comment on this review. Aasha Rani is forced out of the film industry by Jojo’s wife, who sends goondahs to threaten her. The plot is poorly formed and The treatment is highly unrealistic. As a woman myself I could feel the pain that the main character had to go through.

When she accosts him staarry a society party about this, he beats her.

Bollywood Nights

The story starts off well but fails to hold that grip towards the end. I am a Starty fan so I jumped at the change to read this book. In the s, she contributed to the Sunday magazine section of the Times of India. Overall this book had almost no appeal to me and I hardly made it through to the end.


I once had a college professor who told the class that the worst thing to be in life was mediocre. Shooting From the Hip.

She comes back to India in a hope of resuming career. Starry Nights is Shobha De’s second novel. It happened quite naturally when I was editing Stardust.

The protagonist, Aasha Rani is the Indian film industry’s hottest star, the “sweetheart of the millions. Most of us are very happy at seeing the packaging and forget that beneath the packaging there might a truth which we have been running away from. I actually wonder why people use the word sleep around for having sex. Aasha has no choice but to thrive-despite the vicious circles of starlets, pimps, and celebrities who want to see her meet her end.

Others she sleeps with offer the same lack of emotional ties and give her nothing more than a fleeting memory of feeling good. Reply as a Brand. Aasha then meets a young lady named Shonali who she begins to spend a lot of time with. I think the author made a huge mistake in not translating the phrases she used.

Hey, wait a second