21 Aug Weighing in at over six hundred pages, Sloterdijk’s Bubbles, published in the original German in and finally translated into English late. Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher and cultural theorist. He is a professor of philosophy and media theory at the University of Art. 28 May Foams left me a bit with the feeling of reading bubbles that when turning a page anything can appear. The form and the text of Sloterdijk of the.

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Sloterdijk’s book, Die nehmende Hand und die gebende Seitecontains the texts that triggered the — welfare state dispute.

Decision Making Made Smarter: The first volume was published inthe sooterdijk inand the last in While all children are nodes of their ancestors, material avatars of this umbilical bloodline, they do not share in it equally: The Kritik der zynischen Vernunftpublished by Suhrkamp in and in English as Critique of Cynical Reason, became the best-selling work on philosophy in the German language since the Second World War and launched Sloterdijk’s career as an author.

Perhaps this is what gives the ethos of rugged individualism its masculine overtone. The primary loneliness of the human condition is a modern fiction: Critical theory warns that false consciousness and ideological conditioning blind us to reality; our genes wloterdijk our behaviour, according to evolutionary biologists; psychoanalysis has pulled sloterddijk the curtain on the dark libidinal drives that underlie our ostensibly rational sphefes neuroscience tells us that the unity of the mind is an illusion; according to post-structuralists, we are mere ripples in a sea of social and linguistic trends that speak through us.

Ontology, then, is applied immunology. I particularly enjoyed the sections about negative gynecology and the talk about the placenta. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

At worst, Sloterdijk could be accused of merely spotting metaphoric slippages between the womb-encircled human foetus, saintly faces surrounded by haloes and the static-charged slooterdijk employed by mesmerists or enthusiasts of animal magnetism. When Sloterdijk refers to history it is not as an empiricist does, sloterdiik test a theory, but as a staging of ideas; if the facts do not fit the theory, as he approvingly quotes Hegel in Im selben Boottoo bad for the facts.

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At once polemical and holistic in approach, Sloterdijk allows us to come to terms with the ever-retooled systems that structure our lives. Bubbles is as much an essential guide to modern space as it is a philosophical epic about dwelling and thinking.

Sphere Theory: A Case For Connectedness – Los Angeles Review of Books

Doesn’t talk about dolphins. Tune up the band, for we all must die! If you pick up this book – and make it through, which is not easy task – you will leave it transformed. Phenomenologyphilosophical anthropologyposthumanism.

If you like Bachelard and phenomenology, art theory, attachment theory and archaeopsychology, but also want to be inspired by a new and elegant philosophical language then you won’t be disappointed by this book. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. And what exactly are we “in”? Faced with fragile western triumphalism in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sloterdijk proposed that a “pneumatic parliament” be parachuted into post-conflict zones, its sleek transparent dome inflated in an hour and a half, and seats for representatives installed within 24 hours.

Peter Sloterdijk – Wikipedia

I shall pursue the reading into Volumes 2 and 3, but so far I have to say I find his ideas useful but not “Deleuzian” slotterdijk for my taste, although he claims to draw on Deleuze’s work. Bubbles is a brilliant work from a thinker whose main engagement has been to build bridges between postmodern thought and the kinds of Modernist macronarratives that had been typical of the German mentality prior to Sloetrdijk War II. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order sphrres create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Spherds picks up the tradition of embedding the individual in a context by saying that not only is the human already in the world doing something, but he is specifically inside a container of some sort that functions as an extension of the mother womb.


The trilogy Spheres is the philosopher’s magnum opus. I am not sure if there is going to be a This is a surprisingly deep book.

HardcoverForeign Agentspages. That may seem a trivial point to make: As a side note, Semiotext has produced a very high quality text, the cover and binding are tough but flexible and the paper quality is very high, this book will last a lifetime if it is taken care of.

Sphere Theory: A Case For Connectedness

He wants to retain what was great in that tradition — namely, its penchant for metaphysics — in an age that no longer gives metaphysical thought much validity at least, not in the dloterdijk world. Dionysius Nicolello rated it really liked it. Even for readers who enjoy the excursive style of Bubblesand find its ideas powerful and resonant, the book is not a pot of unalloyed gold, but rather a mine: Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Male fantasies of women “dripping wet like spheress gravel lorry” “tropfte [ The individual is created by a division of the self into subject and its own object.

Spheres trilogy, by Peter Sloterdijk

The Schelling Project has not even been intended as a novel; it has been launched as sheer act of provocation. He studied philosophy, German studies and history at the University of Munich and the University of Hamburg from to Modernity, Sloterdijk contends, has long been a matter of control and liberation through a sort of air conditioning. Audiobook roundup – reviews. Though his eccentric methods are similar, Sloterdijk’s historical purview is a lot wider, and Bubbles is as much an essential guide to modern space as it is a philosophical epic about dwelling and thinking.