Details of Vallalar Temple: Vallalar Temple Details | Vallalar – Vadalur | Tamilnadu His manuscript of Arutperunjothi Agaval (Agaval is one of the literary form in Tamil). History: Sri Arutprakasa Ramalinga Vallalar was born to Ramiah and. buy,tamil,books,online,international,shipping,regional,books,tamil novels,tamil (வாழ்க்கை வரலாறு) – Thiruvarutprakasa Vallalar Ramalinga.

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India needed great atmil dedicated reformers. Chinnammai had the habit of feeding at least one poor devotee before she took food. Those who come to abide in the Soul Divine can perceive him and live a life of compassion in Oneness of himself. That life giving atom in man is found out, to be shining from the mid head of the man through out his life time. He declared religion in itself a darkness. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The oven lighted by Vallalar about years ago, on May 23, in the Sathya Dharma Sala never extinguishes and continue to burn till today. He spent a lot of his time at this temple. Marudur is 14 km from Vadalur.

Ramalinga Swamigal – Wikipedia

Here, one is to know something about the spirit body and the spiritual world. Vallalar started the Annadhana — feeding the poor. Without understanding this Eternal Life, all the people of the world are passing on and passing away.

The free facility continues its service till the present time. When the curtains are removed, the jyoti could be seen through the mirror. To impress the truth hiztory God helps devotees as a light-lamp, Vallalar created this lotus designed Sabha, lighting the lamp in the front historu the design.

His first transformation was the transformation of his normal human body into the Perfect Body. Death is not the end of the man.


Ramalinga Swamigal

Director of the East India Company, Mangles spoke in the British parliament in so passionate a language that no consideration should be entertained on Indian philosophies and that the country should be brought under the total control of their religion.

The years between and were so testing in nature that foreign politicians played their role effectively in India. From outside one cannot life as eternal life. Near By Railway Station: To this soul atom the eternal life is to come through the outer life only. The Charity place is also near where feeding is done to all irrespective of the numbers coming in. Thus his Divine knowledge and soul experience come to an end.

Slogam 64 siva vadivangal 64 Thiruvilayaadal. The soul atom is common to both God and man.

When I see men feeding on the coarse and vicious food of meat, it is an ever-recurring grief to me. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

They wanted to introduce their own language and religion and make the country their own with their own designs and part of their empire headquartered elsewhere. India was always the target of foreign powers to establish their empire here totally destroying the culture, civilization and the original religions of the country. Though these two aspects are eternal, the outer – one is visible and ever changing on the other hand the Inner – one is invisible and changeless.

It is believed that those spilling the Theenchuvai theertham on the head would be cured of their diseases. From the nucleus of the material atom when the life energy comes out some physical body is built around that particular atom. Towards that end, he started the “Samarasa Vedha Sanmarga Sangam” in He forbade killing animals for the sake of food. At the time of death, the outer body begins to decay and dissolve, in the meantime the spirit form that comes out of the corpse continues a ghost life for a longer period.


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Everything on this website is for everyone free to use, distribute, email it, educational use, view, print, present, download as many times as you want but hosting in another website or making changes to the audio or documents without our permission is prohibited. He said the intelligence we possess is Maya intelligence which is not true and final intelligence. The Theenchuvai canal is on the Karunguzhi-Mettukuppam way.

He said the path of compassion and mercy are the only path to God. It was open to people of all castes except those who ate meat, who were only allowed to worship from the outside. In death, only the physical body is lost. The Arutperunjothi Agaval authored by Vallalar is engraved here.

Their intention was to promote their own religion.

His mission was entirely different from other Acharyas. Son also followed the footprints of the mother. He advocated a casteless society.

All provisions and other materials such as rice, sugar, salt etc. He condemned inequality based on birth.

There are many paintings pertaining to the life of Vallalar in his Marudur house where he was born.